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March 08, 2019

FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: Supply Corps Internship Programs Spring 2019
FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: Supply Corps Internship Programs Spring 2019
Supply Corps internship programs provide junior officers with an exceptional opportunity to gain experience in Supply Corps lines of operation and explore various functional subspecialties. Internship applications are being considered for the following programs: Business Enterprise Supply Chain Management (BEM), Business Financial Management (BFM), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Joint Operational Logistics (JOL), Navy Acquisition Contracting Officer (NACO), Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP), Operational Planner (PLAN), and Petroleum Management (POL). Billet information is available on the Navy Personnel Command (NPC) website and on the eSUPPO app.

Warfare qualified officers (O1-O3) who are within 12 months of their PRD and will have completed one operational tour are eligible to apply. Application inquiries should be directed to the Internship Program Coordinator via email ( or by phone (901-874-4621, DSN 882).

Additional application information, including a sample application, is available on the NPC website. Endorsed applications are due no later than 15 APR 2019. Applications must be submitted as PDFs, without Social Security numbers, to Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail upon receipt. 

By submitting an application, officers agree to complete a 24-month internship and to remain on active duty for an additional tour. The administrative screening of applicants will begin on 30 APR 2019.

I highly encourage you to contact your mentors to discuss their unique perspectives about the training and experience afforded by these


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March 21, 2019

FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: CY 2020 Training With Industry Program
FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: CY 2020 Training With Industry Program
Training With Industry (TWI) is a 12-month program providing Supply Corps lieutenants and lieutenant commanders with the opportunity to represent the Navy through fellowships within some of the top corporations in the nation. Officers selected for this program will be exposed to executive-level decision making, expand their professional supply chain and logistics education, and provide a conduit for ideas on logistics innovation. 

Candidates for our TWI programs will be selected by a Flag-led selection board and will receive an observed FITREP from the Chief of Supply Corps. TWI sites includes Starbucks Coffee Company (Seattle, Washington), The Home Depot (Atlanta, Georgia), FedEx (Memphis, Tennessee), and ExxonMobil (Houston, Texas).

All lieutenants and lieutenant commanders (not in zone for promotion) that have completed two operational tours, possess a master's degree (or will graduate in CY2020 from any of the Supply Corps post graduate education programs), and have a PRD in 2020, will be considered. Otherwise eligible officers who failed to select during the most recent statutory board for promotion to lieutenant commander will not be considered. Any officer with a PFA failure within 24 months of the board convening will not be considered. Additionally, ExxonMobil candidates will possess (or will earn prior to their PRD) a 1307S, 1307R, 1307P or 1307Q subspecialty code.

This year's board will convene on 23 April. An official letter to the board requesting to be screened for this program is NOT required. However, those officers desiring to submit correspondence to the board must do so no later than 12 April 2019. All correspondence shall be submitted to the career counselor at Sample letters can be found at:

Upon completion of the tour, officers will be selectively detailed to our most challenging assignments. TWI is a phenomenal opportunity that expands the business perspective and acumen for our most talented officers. Good luck!


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March 21, 2019

FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: Supply Corps Post Graduate Education Screening (810/811 Board)
FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: Supply Corps Post Graduate Education Screening (810/811 Board)
The Supply Corps Post Graduate Education Screen (Board #302) will convene 14 May 2019, following completion of the Active O-4 Staff Promotion Board.  The Supply Corps Post Graduate Education Board will select officers to participate in both the Supply Acquisition/Distribution Management (810) and the University of Kansas Petroleum Management (811) Programs.

Officers selected for the 810 Program will receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from one of the nation's top business schools and earn the Supply Acquisition/Distribution Management subspecialty code (1301P). Officers selected for the 811 Program will attend the University of Kansas and earn an MBA degree from the School of Business, a graduate certificate in Petroleum Management from the School of Engineering, and a Petroleum Management subspecialty code (1307P).

All officers in Year Groups 2011-2013 who request screening via a package to the Board President will be eligible for consideration by the selection board. Eligibility requirements include: completion of one operational tour of at least 18 months; a warfare qualification; an Academic Profile Code (APC) on file; and a GMAT or GRE score report.

In the package to the Board President, eligible officers who wish to be considered must include the following:

- Letter to the Board stating preferred program 
- GMAT or GRE Score Report
- APC waiver request (if necessary)

Sample letters can be found by visiting the Supply Corps Career Counselor website at: 

All packages to the board must be received by 19 April 2019. Packages may be emailed to: and carbon copy or mailed to:

Navy Personnel Command 
Customer Service Center (BUPERS-074)
President FY-20 Supply Corps Post Graduate Education Board (#302)
5640 Ticonderoga Loop, Building 768, Room E302 
Millington, TN 38055-6300

Please contact the Supply Corps Career Counselor at 901-874-4621/4622 or if you have any questions. Good luck!


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March 21, 2019

FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: Women's History Month
FLASH FROM THE CHIEF: Women's History Month
We celebrate Women's History Month this year with the theme "Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence." This year's theme honors women who have led efforts to build respect, end violence, ensure justice, and reduce the causes of conflict as the surest way to peace.

In the U.S. Navy, the first women were nurses who served on the hospital ship USS Red Rover in 1862. They were followed by the Navy Nurse Corps' "Sacred Twenty" in 1908.  During World War I, women stepped up in large numbers to enlist in the Navy to meet clerical shortages. During World War II, women discovered new roles outside of the home, joining the workforce, and becoming Reservists in the Navy. Today, more than 77,000 active and Reserve women serve in the Navy's ranks.

Amelia Earhart said, "Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others." Like Earhart, women serving in the Navy on active duty, Reservists, and civilians have tried the impossible, and challenged themselves and their counterparts to do the same. Women have established themselves at every rank and in myriad roles ashore and afloat. They are leaders at every level in the Navy, resolving conflicts and offering different perspectives and ideas to find solutions. 

Please join me in thanking all women - past and present - who have paved the way and created a legacy that expands possibilities for everyone.


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March 21, 2019

Our Mission

The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation exists to perpetuate the values, traditions, and history of the Supply Corps throughout the lives of individuals in the Supply Corps community. The Foundation pursues its mission by providing services and programs related to recruiting, training and development, transition, recognition, financial support and commemoration to the Supply Corps Community.

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Tuesday Apr 02, 2019

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Tridentis, LLC - Chief Operating Officer - Washington DC

 POSTED: 06FEB2019 Chief Operating Officer Job...

In Memoriam

LT Richard Nason O' Rourke, SC, USN (Ret.)

June 2018

LCDR Victor C. Bloede, SC, USN (Ret.)

April 2015

LT Richard Stoll Armstrong, SC, USN (Ret.)

March 2019

CAPT Thomas Allen Bunker, SC, USN (Ret.)

October 2018

CDR Donald G. "Don" Smith, SC, USN (Ret.)

July 2018

LT Brad Allen Moore, SC, USN

June 2018