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Submarine Tours Sponsored by Hampton Roads MOAA
Join HRCMOAA Saturday, 14 September for an hour long Submarine Tour of one of the two nuclear attack submarines USS Boise and USS Albany.  Each Sub will take 25 visitors per hour broken into 3 groups each led by a crew member.  Tours will start at 9 AM and the last tour, if enough people sign up, will be at 1 PM.  Visitors must carry a picture ID, be at least 12 years old, be able to climb a 10’ vertical ladder unassisted to enter and exit the sub and cannot be claustrophobic.  Submarines have NO provisions for the handicapped.

The subs will be at Pier 3 at the Norfolk Naval Station.  You need not be a member of HRCMOAA and you can bring other guests. There are Parking Spaces on the Naval Station near Pier 3. 

You will need to leave all cameras, cell phones and other electronics in your car; they will not be allowed on the Submarine.  Everyone will need a Picture ID.

For reservations, provide your information to Bob Armour, email by Weds, Sep 11.

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