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**NLUS Vice Admiral Robert F Batchelder Award ~ Calendar Year 2020 ~ SUBMISSION DEADLINE NOW 15 MARCH 21**
Navy League of the United States (NLUS) Sea Service Award calendar year 2020 nominations are now being received, due NLT 15 March 2021 (revised date). 

Included in these awards is the Vice Admiral Robert F. Batchelder Award, recognizing as many as five officers in the Navy Supply Corps levels O-1 through O-4 who have made the most significant personal contributions to the supply readiness of the operating forces.

The announcing ALNAV for ALL sea service awards is attached.  Additionally, the Navy League of the United States (NLUS) information, nomination and submission link is provided.

FROM THE ALNAV - Nomination and Submission info:

4.  Nominations:
    a.  Nomination criteria.  Nominations must be fully substantiated and reflect a careful and conscientious evaluation of the nominee for accomplishment 1 December 2019 through 30 November 2020.  Each nomination package shall include:
        (1) A cover page
with nominee's full name, rank/rate, current duty station and address, length of service (for military nominees), name of award being nominated for, point of contact name, rank/rate, address, commercial phone number (this cannot be a DSN number), fax number, e-mail address, and signature of commanding officer.
        (2) A nomination
achievement/justification section in paragraph or bulletized format.  It should explain in a manner easily understood by the general public and should avoid acronyms, generalities, or excessive use of superlatives.
        (3) A proposed
citation in standard paragraph form.
        (4) The total
submission packet, excluding the proposed citation, must not exceed four pages.
        (5) A template for
the required format is available on the Navy League website at <>
    b.  Submission.
The requested method of submission is via website to <> awards with all attachments in Microsoft Word format or Adobe Acrobat.  Nominations must be received no later than 16 February 2021.

5.  Additional information
regarding the awards and nomination process may be found on the Navy League website, <>, under

programs/awards/sea-service awards.

From: NLUS Awards <>

Please see the link below for the template and submission process.  We have extended the deadline to March 15th.