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Joint Operational Maritime C2 Requirements Management - Norfolk, VA
Posted July 12, 2018

Instructions:  In the matrix below, cite to specific experience in candidate’s resume which meets each essential qualification, and any applicable desirable qualifications.  For English language proficiency, demonstrate English proficiency scores or self-certify as native English speaker.
Performance Tasking:
1. Coordinate and contribute to the activities of the Joint Operational Maritime C2 Requirements Management Team.
2. Define/ refine Joint Operational C2/ Maritime requirements including development of concepts of operation and courses of action, working with subject matter expertise in the Maritime C2 personnel within the Capability Division.
3. Elicit, capture and collect capability requirements across all aspects of DOTMLPFI for Joint Operational C2/ Maritime, Capability Targets, and other high-level requirements.
4. Develop resource proposals in support of Maritime capability requirements.
5. Coordinate the development of the Capability Requirements Brief as it relates to Joint Operational C2/ Maritime.
6. Perform DOTMLPFI decomposition into capability requirements.
7. Manage the requirements development processes as it related to Joint Operational C2/ Maritime.
8. Contribute and participate in the development of policies, directives and process refinement related to requirements.
9. Coordinate DOTMLPFI development and implementation synchronization and develop recommended courses of action to resolve issues relating to Joint Operational C2/ Maritime.
10. Supports the development of concepts of operation.
11. Coordinate the analyses of alternatives (AoA) when considering implementation options.
12. Support requirements management activities across the capability lifecycle.
13. Support requirements management aspects relating to Governance and Management representations and approvals in relation to Joint Operational C2/ Maritime requirements  
14. Identify changes to requirements and prepare Change Requests.
15. Within the Joint Operational C2/ Maritime domain, provide requirements management technical guidance for the elicitation, capture and development of capability requirements across all aspects of DOTMLPFI for all assigned Operational Requirements, Capability Targets, and other high-level requirements to HQ SACT branches, ACO subject matter experts, industry, and Host Nations, as required.
16. Directly supports the Branch Head CR and will be required to travel to meetings and conferences both within and outside NATO’s boundaries for up to 30 days per year.
17. Performs additional tasks as required by the COTR related to the labour category.
Essential Qualifications Yes/No Cite to specific experience in resume
1. A University/ Bachelor’s degree.      
2. 5 years in the last 10 in the field of requirements engineering to include requirements management and requirements elicitation.    
3. Demonstrate a working knowledge of 3 years in the last 10 of requirements management tools (identify which tools).    
4. Demonstrate 3 years in the last 10 experience in briefing senior leaders/decision makers at the FOGO/governance level in a National or Multinational environment.    
5. Demonstrate 3 years in the last 10 a sound knowledge of Capability Development and Management processes in the C2 area.      
6. Demonstrate 3 years experience in the last 10 with working in a National or NATO strategic or operational command.    
7. Demonstrate 3 years operational knowledge of Joint Operational C2/ Maritime within the last 10 years either as a military officer or as a civilian.    
8. NATO Secret Security Clearance or National equivalent.    
9. Demonstrated proficiency in English as defined in STANAG 6001 (Standardized Linguistic Profile (SLP) 3333 - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) or equivalent.    
Desired Qualifications

1. Working knowledge of Capability Architectures
2. Working knowledge of Configuration Management methods and practices.
3. Programme and Project Management experience in the past 10 years within a complex and dynamic programme environment.
4. Experience with IBM Rational DOORS or equivalent

Employment contingent upon award of contract.  Send resumes, qualification matrix above (as attachment to brief cover letter), and salary requirements NLT COB July 18, 2018 to Patricia Lerma-Saenz,  Phone:  757.547.6771.

Patricia Lerma-Saenz,  Phone:  757.547.6771