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Please read the following email from Foundation Chair RADM (ret) Bird to Foundation Members regarding the Executive Director position opening at the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. Application deadline is 30 June 2019.

Foundation Members:
The Foundation’s current Chief Staff Officer, CDR (ret) Jack Evans, will be retiring
at the end of 2019. Accordingly, we are in the process of advertising for a new
Chief Staff Officer. 

Interested Candidates, click here to learn more about the position and for details on how to
submit your application.
You will note that the position has been retitled from Chief Staff Officer to
Executive Director (ED). As part of the Position Description update process, we reviewed similar
non-profit entities and their organization construct. The title “Executive Director”
more accurately reflects the duties Jack has been performing and what we want
to continue into the future. The Foundation Board passed updated
Bylaws at the May 2019 BOD meeting to effect this administrative change.

In order to attract the best qualified candidates for the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Executive
Director (ED) position, the work location for the ED is negotiable. The Foundation headquarters
will remain in Watkinsville (Athens), GA, but the ED will be able to operate remotely from his/her
home keeping electronically connected with the office. The ED will be expected to travel to the
office as required and at least monthly. As part of the role of the ED, he/she will lead a review
of options for a potential future relocation of the headquarters.

Please give this position widest dissemination. This is an excellent opportunity
for a retired or former Supply Corps officer to continue to serve our community in
a meaningful and dynamic way.

Best regards,
Linda Bird, RADM, SC, USN (ret)
Chair, U. S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation
News and Info
Foundation members and their families and friends have the opportunity to cruise the Great Lakes for 20% off thanks to Foundation Board Member, CAPT (ret) Bud Schiff!

See our 
River Cruise page for more details on how to book this all-inclusive trip taking place in August of 2020!
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Congratulations to the following Supply Corps officers who have been selected for promotion to the rank of Commander.  

Kevin L. Albert 
Austin G. Aldridge    
Matthew M. Berkau
Warren K. Blackburn      
Diana C. Blevins 
Michael J. Bono       
Lamont A. Brown
Christopher S. Burt    
Bryan J. Bustamante       
Curtiss Butler            
Jeffrey W. Carideo 
Brendan T. Casey      
Curtis P. Ceaser           
Jon K. Christensen   
Britta W. Christianson  
Hyong Y. Chu       
Matthew C. Clute 
Ricardo A. Collazos
Marcus M. Craig          
Robert R. Cullinan     
Victor A. Cunningham
Jennifer L. Custard     
Jason F. Deleon         
Paul G. DeVorse 
Daniel J. Eddy           
Adesina Ekundayo          
Lee H. Eubanks 
Danny L. Ewing Jr.
Joshua S. Fischer       
Kenneth E. Gilmore III  
Noel K. Koenig        
Konrad R. Krupa            
Kara B. Langford        
Soktheas S. Lieng
Anas E. Maazouzi       
Scott M. McCarthy
Joshua R. Melchert     
Grant W. Miller            
Scott R. Milliet       
Sean R. Moody        
Tony N. Nguyen             
Jamal M. Osman    
Carrie L. Paben           
Robert W. Paul             
Michael P. Rigoni          
Anthony Robinson          
Geoffrey F. Roth       
Robert D. Salire           
Michael P. Sargent        
Erika M. Schoenthal        
Jonathan D. Schumann          
Wendell K. Stephens
Brent L. Summers      
Jeremy B. Taylor           
Thomas P. Teague        
Marcus E. Thomas          
Maura L. Thompson          
Ryan M. Tobin   
Michael R. Wheeler      
Nathan T. Woodward         
James H. Young                

Attaining the rank of Commander is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication to the Navy and sustained superior performance. 

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding Supply Corps officers.


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News and Info

Vice Admiral Robert F. Batchelder Award Selectees for CY 2018

It is my honor to recognize the winners of the calendar year 2018 VADM Robert F. Batchelder Award. This award is presented annually by the Navy League to Supply Corps officers who made significant contributions to the supply readiness of our operating forces. Based on the number and quality of submissions, it was clearly another great year for the Supply Corps!  

This year's recipients and nominating commands are:

Active Component:
LT Aaron H. Deanon, USS Wasp (LHD 1)
LT Emily J. Hawkins, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella, Site Naples
LT Kevin M. Wall, Naval Special Warfare Group TWO (LOGSU 2)  
LTJG Douglas K. Anderson, USS Scranton (SSN 756)

Reserve Component:
LCDR Virgil B. Chapman, Military Sealift Command Mobile Supply Chain Support Unit

My sincerest congratulations to these officers and the hard-working teams supporting them.

Well done!


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CONGRATULATIONS! We received more than 131 applicants and are excited to announce that more than $135,000 in Navy Supply Corps Foundation Scholarships have been awarded to 62 students for the 2019-2020 academic year. Additionally, 38 scholarships valued at $127,500 were awarded previously as multiyear awards. Memorial Scholarships will be given to six children of deceased active duty Supply Officers. Foundation scholarship awards for this year total $262,500.

View the list of winners here.

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Congratulations to the following Supply senior enlisted personnel who have been selected for promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer by the FY20 Active Duty E8 Selection Board.

Senior Chief Culinary Specialist
Eric Ablian
Kenneth Adkins
Richie Aquisap
Antonio Arciga
Choke Bennett
Leahjosefina Bongbonga
Ian Brown
Reshonda Cole
Alberto Devera
Lucio Diaz
Jeremy Domagalski
Carlos Escobarcarrillo
Adrian Escudero
William Farmer
Kyle Fearno
Michael Freeman
Joshua Glover
Everardo Gonzalez
Jesus Guzmanquijano
Chul Ha
Arielle Hall
Stephen Harris
Daniel Hemingway II
Elvin Manzanarez
Levy Obana
Devon Patterson
Tasia Penaranda
Emiely Sampayan
Tabitha Schellinger
Shawn Sienkiewycz
Deanna Wade
Ryan Weimer
Reed Williams
Ezekiel Wright
Steven Youngquist
Leesa Zilempe

Senior Chief Logistics Specialist
Vincent Aldrich
Julio Andrade
Janvincent Balogo
Don Blevins
Delbert Briones
Jessica Briseno
Michale Burford, Jr.
Takeecha Calloway 
Lester Contreras
Carlos Cruzvalentin
Angel Delgado, Jr.
Dona Dorego
Erwin Edralin
Frances Estrada
Brady Fox
James Fraley
Emerald Garrison
Leonor Gomez
Denise Guerrero
Weekend Guillaume
Mario Gutierrez, Jr.
Tomas Gutierrezcolon
Otis Hankins III
Todd Harris
Michael Heffren
Daniel Hernandez
Marcus Jimenez
Kawme  Johns
Gary Latson, Jr.
Jason Luedke
Marvin Marquez
Cristian Martinezjimenez
Natasha Mcclarin
Proceso Mejia
Yuly Mejia
Anthony Michalski
Gabriel Nunez
Daniel Olaya
Cherrilyn Palis
Nelson Pastrana
Frederick Poblete
Bryan Reid
Roderick Ricardo
Jamie Robertson
Christopher Rodriguez
Chiwanna Rogers
Elizabeth Sampson
Julio Sanchezcontreras
Joel Siababa
Lamar Simon
Erik Sinks
Rosa Soares
Destiny Speed
Christopher Taisacan
Jennie Trady
Venice Welch
Brandon Widenhoefer

Senior Chief Logistics Specialist (Submarines) 
Lucas King
Juan Ramos
Christopher Spencer

Senior Chief Ships Serviceman
Helen Ayala
Carlos Baray
Antonio Jordan
Arnold Luke
Alexander Magbag
Showandra Mitchell
Syress Smith
Chrislin Voltaire

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding senior enlisted leaders on their selection.


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Congratulations to the following selectees for the spring 2019 internship screening. The programs in which they will participate include: Business/Enterprise Supply Chain Management (BEM), Business/Financial Management (BFM), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Joint Operational Logistics (JOL), Navy Acquisition Contracting Officer (NACO), Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP), Logistics Planner (PLAN), and Petroleum Management (POL).  

The internship selectees for spring 2019 are:

LT Jordan P. Hamilton                     USS Mississippi                        PLAN
LT Robert A. Martinez                     USS John Paul Jones               NACO
LTJG John S. Adametz                     USS Winston S. Churchill        BEM
LTJG Nicholas P. Butler                   USS Porter                                 POL
LTJG Derek E. Fleming                    NSW Group One                       NACO
LTJG Catherine L. Freitag               USS Blue Ridge                          ILS
LTJG Matthew A. Gooden              USS Roosevelt                           NACO
LTJG Joy L. Hamilton                       USS Forrest Sherman               BFM
LTJG Lisa Jiang                                  USS Makin Island                      ILS
LTJG Danielle S. Mallory                 USS Abraham Lincoln               NACO
LTJG Melissa R. Marin                     USS Kearsarge                           POL
LTJG William E. Norman                 USS Seawolf                               NACO
LTJG Ramon Oliver Sanchez           USS Chief                                   NNPP
LTJG Philip K. Reilly                          USS Louisville                            JOL
LTJG Conner D. Smith                      USS Colorado                            BEM

Again, congratulations to each of you on a job well done!


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Ever wondered what a Foundation Board meeting looks like?

Here is a brief glimpse from our biannual Foundation Board of Directors Meeting May 3-4, 2019 in Atlanta:
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It gives me pleasure to announce the Supply Corps officers selected for the FY20 Civilian Institutions (CIVINS) 810 and 811 Programs. The CIVINS 810 and 811 Programs' administrative board is one of the Supply Corps' most competitive, and each of the selectees should be commended for their performance.

Officers selected for the 810 Program will attend one of the nation's top 30 business schools and earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA).  Officers selected for the 811 Program will attend the University of Kansas, earn a MBA from the School of Business and a graduate certificate in petroleum management from the School of Engineering.

810 Program
LT Blaine M. Allgood
LT Rhett C. Barker
LT Jason M. Bentley
LT Joshua A. Fox
LT Edward B. Havel
LT Andrew A. Keene
LT Emily W. Reilly
LT Joseph A. Stark

811 Program
LT Lincoln T. Barber
LT Ricardo Elizaldevalencia
LT David M. Ferreira
LT Gene A. Krampen

The Supply Corps enjoys a strong relationship with many of our nation's top business schools, and these officers will continue to strengthen that unique bond.

Please join me in congratulating these individuals on this significant achievement.


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Have you changed duty stations or retired? Gotten married and changed your name?

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NSCF Executive Director – JOB OPPORTUNITY! 

Are you a Retired or Former Supply Officer?

Your NEW job could be working with the same Supply Community you served while on active duty!
The Navy Supply Corps Foundation (NSCF) is hiring for the Executive Director position (formally called “Chief Staff Officer”). This is an excellent opportunity for a retired or former Supply Corps officer to continue to serve our community in a meaningful and dynamic way.
Interested Candidates, please see below to learn more about the position and for details on how to submit your application. The NEW Executive Director will start no later than 1 November 2019 (the Foundation’s current Chief Staff Officer, CDR (ret) Jack Evans, will be retiring at the end of 2019).

Executive Director (ED) Position Description:

The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the overall management of the Foundation and all aspects of the Foundation’s operations under the direction and guidance and in partnership with the Board of Directors. The ED is a mission-focused team leader, dedicated to delivering measurable, cost-effective results.

The ED will work collaboratively with Board Members and Committee Chairpersons to execute the strategic direction of the Foundation and build upon the Foundation’s past successes. The ED will develop and manage relationships with a wide range of stakeholders and have overall responsibility for the operating health and well-being of the organization. The ED is directly responsible for the planning, organizing, staffing, motivating, directing and management of the Foundation staff and volunteers.  

In accordance with the Foundation by-laws, the ED has the authority to carry out the management and day-to-day operations of the Foundation in accordance with the direction and policies established by the board. The ED provides advice to the Board as it carries out its governance functions.

The location for the Executive Director is negotiable with a requirement for periodic travel to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation headquarters as detailed in 'Job Location' section.


Leadership and Management:
  1. Help the Board determine Foundation values, mission, vision and short- and long-term goals
  2. Facilitate the Board’s monitoring and evaluation of the Foundation’s support to the Supply Corps community, its effectiveness and its results
  3. Monitor Foundation activities, identifying opportunities and challenges, and bringing forward recommendations for review and decision
  4. Keep the Board fully informed on the condition of the Foundation and on all the important factors influencing the organization
  5. Develop, maintain and support a strong Board
  6. Implement an effective working relationship with the Board based on trust, respect and performance
  7. Oversee and provide management support to a professional staff comprised of an Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Communications Director, Webmaster/Electronic Communications Manager and Database Manager
  8. Provide key support and input in the development and update of the Foundation’s strategic plan
  9. Work closely with Committee Chairpersons and their members to execute the Foundation’s programs
  10. Serve as ex-officio member of each committee
  11. Plan and execute the semi-annual Board meetings
  12. Schedule and oversee the annual Scholarship Selection Board
  13. Schedule the annual external and internal audits
  14. Schedule and oversee the Distinguished Alumni ceremonies
  15. Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors

Fiscal Management:
  1. Manage day-to-day fiscal operations
  2. Prepare and submit internal and external state and federal financial reports
  3. Assist Budget and Finance Officer and Treasurer in the development of the annual budget
  4. Develop/maintain effective system(s) for monitoring the financial health of the Foundation
  5. Work with Committee Chairs to evaluate program plans and progress to measure success and adjust goals and/or financial status, as appropriate

  1. Develop and maintain a donor base and donor tracking system
  2. Support the development efforts of the Foundation by strengthening the bond with current donors and identifying new donor sources
  3. Work with the Board in identifying and executing approved plans for fundraising campaigns, events and activities

Communications and Marketing:
  1. Support the Board Chair in their role as the Foundation’s primary spokesperson to the Supply Corps community, media and general public
  2. Work with the Communications Director and the Communications Committee to deepen and refine the Foundation’s portfolio of communications – including web-based, social media and print medium -- with the goal of creating a stronger and wider-known brand
  3. Assure the public image, marketing efforts, media activity and related events accurately reflect the mission
  4. Oversee the distribution of marketing materials for the Foundation
  5. Provide regular updates to the Board on the overall status and health of the Foundation during Board meetings and various committee calls

  1. Development and operation of the annual budget
  2. Review and approve contracts for services
  3. Supervise and collaborate with the support staff
  4. Conduct day-to-day financial operations
  5. Respond to correspondence received by the Foundation
  6. Participate in committee phone calls and meetings

  1. Capability to effectively lead and develop an effective, collaborative and diverse management team
  2. High level of energy and passion for the Foundation’s vision and mission
  3. Bias to listen, absorb and reflect before acting
  4. Ability to create strong relationships and partnerships across an array of diverse groups
  5. Results focused through exceptional follow through and attention to detail
  6. Openness to feedback and constructive criticism
  7. Well-developed tact, discretion and diplomacy at all times
  8. Sound moral and ethical compass
  9. Transparency and integrity in all relationships and business dealings

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Prior leadership experience at the senior level successfully managing a complex organization with multiple stakeholders
  3. Demonstrated success in developing effective, collaborative and diverse management teams
  4. Strong financial background including financial planning, budget development and execution, investment plan oversight and execution, auditing, and financial reporting
  5. Demonstrated organizational, time management, multi-tasking and planning skills
  6. Outstanding communication capabilities—both written and oral—with demonstrated ability to connect with and inspire a wide range of partners and stakeholders
  7. Experience ensuring organizational compliance with federal, state and local regulations, standards and best practices

  1. Fundraising experience to include developing new and innovative funding sources and expanding donor bases
  2. Broad knowledge of the U.S. Navy and specifically U.S. Navy Supply Corps is desired
  3. Non-profit work familiarity
  4. Strategic Planning skills to include growth and change, ability to plan and act ahead of potential impacts, and sound risk management
  5. Branding and communications experience
  6. Strong spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship
  7. Willingness to jump in and assist colleagues across the organization

The location for the Executive Director is negotiable. The Navy Supply Corps Foundation headquarters is currently located in Watkinsville, GA. If desired, the ED will be able to operate remotely from his/her home, keeping electronically connected with the office. The ED will be expected to travel to the office as required and at least monthly. Other occasional travel in support of board meetings and other Foundation activities will also be required. Further, as part of the role of the ED, he/she will lead a review of options for a potential future relocation of the headquarters.


The new ED will assume duties not later than 1 November 2019.


Compensation will be commensurate with the level of experience and other qualifications.


Interested individuals should submit the following items:
  • Resume
  • Description of prior experience that provides specific examples of General Responsibilities, Leadership and Management and Required Skills and Experience
  • Statement detailing why you aspire to this position and your unique factors that make you the best candidate (300 word limit)
  • Three professional references

Applications should be received not later than 30 June 2019.  Electronic submission of application package is preferred. After review, applicants selected for further assessment will be notified NLT 31 July 2019. Interviews will be scheduled in August 2019 with a final decision in September 2019.

Applications and inquiries will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Interested individuals should address questions and submit their resume and qualifications to:

Chief Staff Officer
Navy Supply Corps Foundation
3651 Mars Hill Road, Suite 200B
Watkinsville, GA 30677

Navy Supply Corps Foundation (NSCF) Overview

The NSCF was created in 1970 to serve the U.S. Navy Supply Corps community; the Navy's business, financial, acquisition and logistics professionals. Currently headquartered in Athens, GA, the NSCF has grown from a social organization to a global 501c.3 organization that serves the Navy Supply Corps community through its mission of sharing the story of the Navy Supply Corps and providing the community with programs to meet its current and future needs. With 37 direct report Chapters around the world, the NSCF impacts the Supply Corps in almost every area where the U.S. Navy operates. The Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate the values, traditions, and history of the Supply Corps by providing services and programs related to recruiting, training and development, transition, recognition, financial support, family support, camaraderie and commemorations to the Supply Corps community.

The NSCF is a dynamic non-profit that supports the full spectrum of the Supply Corps community within the U.S. Navy including active, reserve, retired and former officers and active, reserve and retired supply-related enlisted members, and their families. While accomplishing its mission, all elements of the NSCF operate in accordance with the U.S. Navy's regulations regarding Non Federal Entities, the Navy's Code of Ethics and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. 

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors (Board) and operates under a working committee construct. The Board assists the Executive Director (ED) and staff with non-profit management, program execution and liaison with the U.S. Navy at the National and local levels. The triad of Board, committees, and the ED and staff, in essence runs the Foundation. The Board meets twice a year to conduct its governance responsibilities and the committees meet as needed, usually virtually, to execute their programs. The ED and staff conduct the day-to-day operations in coordination with the Board and committee chairpersons. 

Along with the standard non-profit governance and operating documentation, the Foundation operates under a Board-approved Strategic Plan that delineates each committee's goals and objectives for a three-year period. We are currently executing the third year of our 2017-2019 Strategic Plan and are planning an update to get us moving ahead beyond 2020.

The NSCF's mission is more relevant today than ever before: its programs are making a positive difference at all levels of the Supply Corps’ ‘family’ and the way ahead is an exciting one. The ED position represents an extraordinary opportunity for a dynamic executive to help lead the Foundation as it moves into the future along with a dedicated Board, vibrant committees, professional staff, and an extensive cadre of energetic volunteers around the world.  

News and Info
CSO Jack Evans presented the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Leadership Award to LTJG Justin Fishman and ENS Marcus Burdios at the recent BQC graduation on March 29.  In attendance was the Honorable Mr. Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr., US House of Representatives. Mr. Cisneros is a Distinguished Alumnus of the Foundation.

The recipients were selected by their peers for demonstrating unmatched servant leadership while standing as exemplary leaders with the classroom and the community. Congratulations to LTJG Fishman and ENS Burdios on this outstanding achievement!

Photo at Right - Pictured L to R: Honorable Mr. Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. US House of Representatives; LTJG Justin Fishman; CDR (Ret) Jack Evans, NSCF Chief Staff Officer; CAPT Nick Rapley, NSCS Commanding Officer

Pictured L to R: Honorable Mr. Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. U. S.
House of Representatives; CDR (Ret) Jack Evans, NSCF Chief Staff Officer;
ENS Marcus Burdios; CAPT Nick Rapley, NSCS Commanding Officer

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You can now support the Navy Supply Corps Foundation while shopping on Amazon! 

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to have a portion of the purchase price of your order go to the Foundation. Just go to!

On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you need to select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. Amazon will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at will result in a donation. 

Thank you for supporting the Foundation through Amazon!
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Flash from the Commander, NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps
23 JAN 2019

FY20 Supply Corps Captain Major Command Ashore and Commander Operational/Command Ashore Screen Boards (#56/#55)

The Supply Corps Captain Major Command Ashore Screen Board (#56) is scheduled to convene on 17 June 2019. Eligible captains will begin with Promotion Year Group (PYG) 2018 and end with those completing their 26th year of commissioned service in FY19.

The Supply Corps Commander Operational/Command Ashore Screen Board (#55) is scheduled to convene on 19 June 2019. Commanders in PYGs 2018 and 2019 will be considered.

Reporting Senior Nomination and Oral Board Recommendation letters must be submitted to the NAVSUP Office of Supply Corps Personnel (NAVSUP OP) no later than 01 May 2019. Letters should be emailed to

Each NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center commanding officer has been designated as the regional lead for coordinating the membership and management of commander oral boards. NAVSUP OP will coordinate the membership and management of captain oral boards upon request. You may address questions to the Supply Corps Career Counselor at


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News and Info
Over the next few weeks, you will notice a new addition to our website! Located on the homepage, "Within Our Community" will include news, resources and topics of interest that are relevant to our Supply Corps and greater Navy communities.

Our first article is recommended by the Transition Committee. Discover the 5 Things You Need to Know when transitioning from the Navy into the private sector.

Check out our Transition page for more tips and best practices when beginning your post-Navy career.

Care to share!  Send news and resources to to be considered as a "Within Our Community" feature
News and Info
Pax River chapter member LT Juan Figueroa was named Foundation Volunteer of the Year at the fall Board meeting held in Washington DC. Figueroa serves as the Pax River chapter’s volunteer coordinator. He has worked with local high school JROTC cadets and coordinated his chapter's Hurricane Harvey relief.

Read the complete story and more in the latest edition of The Oakleaf.

Got a story to share? Send ideas, photos, sea stories, and suggestions to
News and Info

Ever wanted to give your friends and family a taste of what Navy lfe is all about? The Navy Week Outreach program showcases the Navy, its mission, and its people in areas of the U.S. without a significant Navy presence.

The 2019 schedule has just been announced and is as follows:

- Miami, Fla., March 25-31

- Wilmington, N.C., April 1-7

- Puerto Rico, April 8-14

- Oklahoma City, Okla., May 27-June 2

- Nashville, Tenn., June 3-9

- Quad Cities, Iowa, June 24-30

- Duluth, Minn., July 15-21

- Grand Junction, Colo., July 22-28

- Boise, Idaho, Aug. 19-25

- St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 2-8

- Wichita, Kan., Sept. 9-15

- Charleston, W.V., Oct. 14-20

Read the full story from the Navy Office of Outreach Public Affairs.

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News and Info
A visit to Regua started with a morning walk followed by a trip to the conventual sweets factory.  Cruisers watched as the conventual sweets were made and got to try their hand at making the sweets themselves!  To view more Douro cruise photos, visit our Facebook page.

News and Info
As the Oakleaf Douro River cruise continues, cruisers take in the sights and have fun onboard Scenic Azure.  Check out the Foundation Facebook page to view all of the cruise photos:

News and Info
Flash from the Commander NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps
22 FEB 2018

FY19 Command Master Chief and Command Senior Chief Board Results

Congratulations to the following Supply senior enlisted personnel who have been selected for Command Master Chief and Command Senior Chief by the FY19 Command Master Chief and Command Senior Chief Selection Boards.

Command Master Chief - Active
LSSCM Kevin M Gibbs             SUBLANT TRNG&EVA

Command Master Chief - Selected Reserve
LSCM John Hulick                NR COMNAVFOR KOREA

Command Senior Chief - Active
LSCS Patrick I Lampley          CVN 76 REAGAN
SHCS Juan D Landin              ATG SAN DIEGO
LSCS Brandon E Lilley           LCS CREW 106
LSCS Terry L Loeffelholz                CVN 68 NIMITZ
LSCS Simone C Milo              LHD 1 WASP
LSCS Mackenson Moise            COMACCLOGWING

Command Senior Chief - Full Time Support

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding senior enlisted leaders in their selection.


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There are a few spots remaining for the once-in-a-lifetime Douro River cruise sponsored by the Foundation taking place in August 2018.  On Day 4 of the cruise, you will discover the captivating Varosa Valley and visit the charming village of Tarouca where you will get to explore the restored Monastery of Saint John of Tarouca. En route walk the fortified bridge of Ucanha, Portugal’s first toll bridge, spanning the crystal clear waters of the Varosa River.  Free choice options include touring the elegant town of Lamego, with its many fine Baroque structures, or enjoying a guided visit of Mateus Palace, the historic icon depicted on the labels of Portugal’s famous Mateus rosé wine.  For more details, check out the River Cruise webpage or contact our Foundation travel representative, Pat Loeser at Loeser Travel (760-743-2971) or
News and Info
Looking for a lasting and meaningful gift for the Supply Officer in your life?  Purchase a commemorative brick!  We have an opportunity to finish out the "Legacy" brick wall at Navy Supply Corps School in Newport RI.  The wall is a replica of the original wall at Royer Square in Athens, GA. It is almost closed out, so this may be the last chance for Supply Corps Alumni to be enshrined in the wall!  Click here for details and a list of current names on the wall.
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Here is another sneak peek of the itinerary for the 2018 Douro River cruise in Portugal. Check out the River Cruise webpage (…/pages/Programs/River_Cruises) for details or contact our Foundation travel representative, Pat Loeser at Loeser Travel (760-743-2971) or

On Day 3, enjoy a blissful cruise to Regua where you have the chance to explore the Douro Museum at your leisure. Learn about the culture, history and identity of the people living in this wine growing region of the Douro Valley. Free choice options abound at this stop! Guimarães was the seat of the first King of Portugal and is dominated by the impressive Ducal Palace, which dates back to medieval times. It’s a great tour to kickstart your interest in this fascinating region. Alternatively, you could choose a tasting at the fairytale property of Quinta Aveleda (photo below from Located in the famous Vino Verde region and a renowned regional sparkling wine producer, the incredible gardens alone make the excursion worthwhile

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Join us for an eleven day cruise on the number one river cruising destination … Douro River in Portugal.  

After two highly successful and enjoyable European river cruises, the Foundation is excited to offer a third cruise - exploring the Douro River in Portugal.  This eleven day cruise will begin on 3 August 2018, in Porto, Portugal, cruise along the breathtaking Douro River to Vega de Terron and return to Porto on 13 August 2018.  For more information regarding cabin availability and amenities, as well as how to sign up, click here.  A list of Foundation members already signed up can be seen here.  There is limited space available, so reserve your spot now!

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Eighty-two students were chosen to receive scholarships from the Navy Supply Corps Foundation for the 2017-2018 school year.  Have you ever wondered how these awards make a difference for the children and grandchildren of Navy Supply Corps officers and enlisted personnel who received them?  Over twenty of our scholarship recipients sent us thank you videos, explaining how these scholarships changed their lives.   Check them out HERE!

For more information about the Scholarship program, or to donate to ensure the work of the Foundation continues, go to our website at
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The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation Leadership Award was presented to LTJG Chanel Henderson and ENS Jorge Mata at the BQC graduation on June 16, 2017. Congratulations to these outstanding officers.


Left to right CAPT Doug Noble, Jack Evans, LTJG Chanel Henderson, RDML Duke Heinz     Left to right CAPT Doug Noble, Jack Evans, ENS Jorge Mata, RDML Duke Heinz

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Elizabeth “Betsy” Ehmcke graduated from Southern Methodist University where she received her degree in mechanical engineering with minors in mathematics and Arabic on May 20, 2017.  Earlier at the SMU Honors Convocation she received SMU’s Presidential Award of Excellence for the outstanding student scholar – leader, one of three such awards given by the University.  A four-year scholarship from the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, specifically supported by the Newport and Hawaii Chapters, provided significant support to Betsy’s undergraduate studies.  She has accepted employment as an engineer with The MITRE Corporation at its Bedford, Massachusetts offices.
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The Foundation is offering its third Oakleaf river cruise next year and to date nearly 60% of the cabins have been sold.  Operated by Scenic Cruises, it will begin on August 3, 2018, cruising along the beautiful Douro River for eleven days, ending on August 13, 2018. 

Cruise prices start at $5,775. per person and vary depending upon cabin selection.  Prices include all taxes, gratuities, shore excursions, port fees, airport transfers and a $200 donation to the Foundation.  Prices do not include the add-on options, travel insurance (highly recommended) or airfare.  For detailed information, including cabin availability, click here.  To see a list of members already signed up, click here.

Reservations and more information about the Oakleaf cruise can be obtained by contacting Foundation travel representative Pat Loeser at or at 1-760-743-2971. 

Video of Luxury Portugal River Cruising from Scenic

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The 2017-2018 Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarship winners have been posted.  Click here for details.


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RADM (ret) Robert Phillips gives a fascinating account of the Navy Supply Corps involvement in DaNang, Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Photos from RADM (ret) Phillips
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(Please share throughout the Navy Supply Community for maximum distribution)

Supply Community,

On May 17, 2017, I provided the below statement to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California in the sentencing hearing for CAPT (ret) Robert Gilbeau.  I was asked to provide a statement focusing on the impact that CAPT (ret) Gilbeau's actions have had on the Supply Community.  In other words, I was there representing all of you, and I want you to know what I said on your behalf.

This was not an easy task, but it was a necessary step for us all to be able to continue repairing the damage done by some of our former members.  I want you all to know that actions not consistent with Navy Core Values have consequences.

I previously shared with you thoughts about the two sides of the concept of accountability: (1) holding those accountable for their misdeeds and (2) taking accountability for each other as we reach out to help our shipmates stay on the right path.  As we move forward, I hope to be able to focus more on the second meaning.



Good Morning Your Honor.  I am Rear Admiral Jonathan A. Yuen. I currently serve as Chief of Navy Supply Corps and Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command (or "NAVSUP").

I thank Your Honor for the opportunity to again address this Court. The Vice Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral William Moran, provided a written statement expressing the impact of this particular Defendant's actions on the U.S. Navy, as an institution, and the members in its service.  I offer the Court the following elaboration on the impact the Defendant's actions have had on the U.S. Navy Supply Corps.

As Chief of Supply Corps, I am the community leader for approximately three thousand Supply Corps officers and 20,000 Sailors. As NAVSUP Commander, I am the Supply Chain Manager for the Navy, responsible for providing parts, ordnance, fuel, food, and other supplies to sustain our forces throughout the world. The entire NAVSUP enterprise includes more than six thousand nine hundred civilians, one thousand five hundred enlisted Sailors and five hundred and fifty Supply Corps officers, serving at NAVSUP headquarters and in several subordinate commands.  

Our overall mission can be summed up in the phrase, "Delivering the right stuff, to the right place, at the right time and at the right cost."  I am stationed at NAVSUP headquarters and live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Since assuming command in October 2013, there have been many difficult days, but today is particularly difficult for me.  

In the summer of 1979, Captain (ret.) Robert Gilbeau and I started our Navy careers together at the United States Naval Academy.   It was very difficult for me to learn the details of his criminal and dishonorable activities.  I take no pleasure in presenting this statement, but it is important for this Court to hear the damage his actions have inflicted on our Supply community and our Navy.

After graduating from the Academy, we both became Supply Corps officers in 1983, starting at the rank of Ensign and working our way up to Flag Officer, before the Defendant was reduced to the rank of Captain at his retirement.  Over the years, we served with some outstanding Supply Corps officers, enlisted Sailors and civilians, whose professionalism, dedication and sacrifice were inspiring. When he was a Rear Admiral in our community, the Defendant should have been a role model to every hard-working Supply Corps officer; particularly those who aspire to earn, the rank of Admiral.  Instead, by lying to investigators about the true nature of his relationship with Leonard Francis, and destroying evidence of that relationship, he embarrassed the junior officers he was supposed to inspire.  

The scandalous nature of his actions while serving as a Supply Corps officer assigned to ships operating in the Pacific theatre further cast unfair suspicion on every Supply Corps officer who operated in that theatre during those years, causing people to wonder if they too were corrupt.     I offer this fact to the Court because the vast majority of Supply Corps officers who served in Asia got the job done without compromising their duty or their ethics.  Those dedicated professionals are angry and appalled to be associated with this kind of behavior.  I am here to represent them -- and ensure their voices are heard.

I reject any suggestion that it was necessary to compromise standards when operating in Asia during any of the years that fall under the GDMA timeframe.  In the simplest of terms, the fact that any Supply Corps officer would be motivated by a desire to enrich themselves, when their focus should be exclusively on the needs of the ship and the crew, is a fundamental betrayal of what all of us in the Supply community have dedicated our lives to do.

There are over six thousand nine hundred dedicated civilians in the Supply community -who should also be heard on this matter.  I am honored to have among our NAVSUP family, civilian men and women who helped train both the Defendant and me when we were junior officers over 30 years ago. Our civilians are more than employees -- they are proud professionals who are personally invested in the reputation and welfare of the Navy Supply community.  They too feel embarrassed and angered by the actions of the Defendant and others caught up in the GDMA scandal.

Our civilian members who work in the area of providing husbanding contracts were among the hardest impacted by the GDMA scandal.  These contracts secure the goods and services to U.S. warships and other naval vessels visiting foreign ports, what we refer to as "husbanding." When the criminal conduct of GDMA and certain US Navy members, including this Defendant, came to light, it was these men and women who did the heavy lifting, working long hours under stressful conditions, to completely overhaul the procedures for securing husbanding contracts, as referenced by the VCNO in his letter.

The contracting mission carries with it broader strategic implications.  It extends beyond securing needed goods and services. It even extends beyond being good stewards of the taxpayers' money.  When operating overseas, the contracting mission demonstrates to foreign contractors and officials how Americans do business.  Supply Corps officers are taught that our Navy's business practices must project integrity, fair dealing, and adherence to the rule of law if we expect others in the world to follow suit.  Participating in, and supporting corruption in the foreign ports we visit weakens the power of our economic example, and thereby harms our mission, while encouraging dangerous elements seeking to gain a foothold through corruption and fraud to threaten our national security.

The misconduct of those, like the Defendant, convicted of participation in the GDMA corruption scandal has had, and will continue to have, a far-reaching impact upon the Navy Supply community, in the way we perform our mission, the way others perceive us, and especially in how we think and feel about ourselves. The Defendant's misconduct while serving as a Supply Corps officer has seriously damaged the community he served for more than 30 years.  While some may see today as a setback, it is a necessary part of the healing process.  Those who have engaged in criminal conduct must be held accountable for their actions before we can repair the damage they have done.

Finally, Your Honor, I'd be remiss if I didn't add that I am extremely proud of the Supply community's resilient response to this scandal, and dedication to making things right again.  We are restoring our rock-solid reputation that was earned by honoring our promises and ensuring our customers' needs are met, serving the warfighters who serve this great nation.

While the misdeeds of a few of our members - like the Defendant and others who this Court has previously sentenced -- have made things difficult the last few years, I have complete confidence that the dedicated men and women who serve in the US Navy Supply community will succeed in taking our Navy to new heights of reliability, innovation, performance, and respect.


Rear Admiral, Supply Corps, U.S. Navy
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Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis announced today that Captain Kevin M. Jones
and Captain Thomas J. "Jack" Moreau have been nominated for promotion to the
rank of Rear Admiral (Lower Half).  
CAPT Jones is currently serving as commanding officer, Office of Special
Projects, Washington, D.C.
CAPT Moreau is currently serving as commanding officer, NAVSUP Fleet
Logistics Center Norfolk, VA.

Read the entire announcement under Navy and NAVSUP News under Quicklinks. 
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Check out the March issue of The Oakleaf, newsletter of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. This issue includes information on the 2018 Oakleaf cruise on the Douro River in Portugal, Foundation donors, Career transition committee, Volunteer service opportunities, as well as our close up articles and more!
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Flash from the Commander NAVSUP and Chief of Supply Corps

2 FEB 2017

NAVSUP Strategic Plan 2017-2021 and Commander's Guidance linked here.

Today, I am releasing the NAVSUP Strategic Plan 2017-2021 and Commander's Guidance.  This release incorporates aspects of both a long-range strategic planning document and a near-term guidance document and is organized around seven focus areas.  

These focus areas and supporting actions are designed to better support the warfighter and align us to the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Commanders, and Joint Warfighter.  

Thank you for all you do in maintaining our Nation's trust and ensuring our forces are ready to fight.




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Are you signed up for the 2018 Oakleaf River Cruise on the Douro in Portugal? If you’re a fan of wine tasting, you won’t want to miss this trip.
Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal recently returned from the Douro Valley in Portugal and reported on the “very good” wines in an article on March 23, 2017. Known for their port, Teague was pleasantly surprised with the “first-rate” dry reds and whites. Teague reported that little is known about the Douro reds and whites because they have only been around for a couple of decades but their Port dates back to 1756.

After two highly successful and enjoyable European river cruises, the Foundation is excited to offer a third cruise - exploring the Douro River in Portugal.  This eleven day cruise will begin on 3 August 2018, in Porto, Portugal, cruise along the breathtaking Douro River to Vega de Terron and return to Porto on 13 August 2018.  Please see the attached “Oakleaf Cruise UNFORGETTABLE DOURO” for detailed information.  Some highlights:
  • Open to Foundation members and their friends and families.
  • Reservations will begin on a first-come-first-served basis beginning at 0900 PST (1200 EST) 17 January 2017. 
  • If you intend on taking this cruise, you need to make your reservations early as there are only 48 cabins available on the 5-star Scenic Azure
  • Scenic is offering a three night pre-cruise Lisbon package.
  • If we book 75% of the rooms within 75 days, Scenic will donate to the Foundation the value of two E cabins ... $20,600.
  • As we did on the last cruise, a $200 tax deductible contribution to the Foundation will be collected at time of booking.
  • All who have traveled with Scenic know this will be an amazing cruise.
Here is a video about this itinerary.  Scenic Video

Click here to view the Scenic Azure deck plan. Diamond Deck cabins have the added perk of being able to partake in a 6 course wine pairing dinner to be reserved on board which is included in the price.
Cabins still available:
Diamond Deck
P Category  302,303,  309,  310, 
PA Category 311-319
Sapphire Deck
B Category 205-208
BB Category 212 - 217
C Category 218 - 220
Jewel Deck
D Category 102, 102

Any questions can be directed to Pat Loeser of Loeser Travel Services (760) 743-2971 or email


The Oakleaf cruise UNFORGETTABLE DOURO just got better.  Working with Scenic, we have identified two additional benefits for our travelers.
For a limited time Scenic is offering contract airfare at 2017 rates.  For bookings made by 15 May 2017, Scenic will honor the 2017 contract rates for the 2018 sailing.  If the 2018 contract rates are lower, they will honor the lower fare.  Details on the airfare promotion are provided in this link
In addition, Scenic will donate the value of one E cabin to the Foundation not tied to the previous occupancy requirement of 75% booking within 75 days.  This means travelers can expect to receive approximately an additional $100 rebate or have the option of providing a donation to the Foundation.  This is in addition to the $350 discount received at booking.  Details will be provided upon your arrival on board the Scenic Azure.

Remember, the airfare option is only good for bookings and deposits made by 15 May 2017.  Also the donation of the value of the second E cabin will only occur if 75% occupancy is achieved by 15 May 2017.
If you currently have a booking and would like to have the air promo added to it, please contact Pat by email and she will add this to your reservation.
You can opt out of the air promotion at any time prior to ticketing.
We are currently at 40% occupancy with reservations open for only six weeks. 
Any questions can be directed to Pat Loeser of Loeser Travel Services (760) 743-2971 or email

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The Foundation Family Assistance and Support Team (FAST) is tackling the important work of providing help and support to the widows and widowers of our members. They have posted links to websites providing information and assistance to those who have lost their spouse under Families/FAST (Family Aid and Support Team). Check it out.
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Included below is a link to the New DOD Service Acquisition DOD 5000.74. This is the guidance for all service acquisitions and provides guidance on the requirement for a Service Acquisition Workshop (SAW) for Procurements over $250M.  The Army is mandating a SAW for acquisition over $100M.
DAU provides a workshop at no cost for labor for DOD entities, just cover any travel and training material costs associated with the training.
Info at:
In addition, DAU can tailor the workshop with your Contracts and Program Management Professionals, to use your requirements and build the Statement of Objectives, QA Plan, and a majority of the Draft RFP.  We spread the training over several sessions and provide guidance in the contract formulation.
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Congressional Research Service recently published changes made in 2015 to our current military retirement system. Included is a recent history of military retirement for active, reserve, and disabled categories, COLA info, change in military retiree "pay dates", previous reform recommendations, and a summary of the recently Congressionally-passed "Blended" retirement plan effective in 2018.  Read the details here.
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The Foundation can provide help in locating shipmates you may be trying to contact and assist in getting people together. You can help by including the year you graduated from Supply Corps School in your profile on the Foundation website at A field was recently added to user profiles to include the graduation year.

Keeping your address and email up to date can help the Foundation stay in touch. Whether sent by email or postal mail, when the Foundation sends out correspondence there are many rejects coming back. It’s important that you log in and update any outdated information on your profile. If you prefer, you can contact the Foundation office to update your information on their offline listing or send new information to Call the office at (706)345-41111 or send a note to 3651 Mars Hill Road, Suite 200B, Watkinsville, GA 30611 or email
(Note: Government email addresses are often returned marked as spam. If available, please use personal email addresses on you profile.)

If you already have a user account at, log in, click on your name that will appear below the Make a Donation banner and your profile will appear. Select "Update Info" to make changes to your account.  

In the “Personal Information” section, add the year you graduated from the Supply Corps School. You can now also add your spouse or significant others name and contact information, if you wish.

While you are in your account, we encourage you review all the data to make sure it is current. You can choose to read The Oakleaf online. The options are in the Contact Information section just below the phone number. Also, be sure update the Chapter just below your zip code. Once you have made changes to your profile, be sure to click Update at the bottom of the page.

If you are a new user, create an account by clicking on Log In, then select "Register." If you think you may have an account but aren't sure, send an email to and ask for a search to be performed. Be sure to include your full name.

Staying in touch with members is critical to the Foundation’s ability to fulfill its mission to “perpetuate the values, traditions, and history of the Supply Corps throughout the lives of individuals in the Supply Corps community.” We can only provide services if we can keep in touch. Log in or register today!

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See who was selected as new Distinguished Alumni, Volunteers of the Year, and named Chapters of the Year in the November issue of The Oakleaf newsletter of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. This issue includes a message from RADM (Ret.) Linda Bird, who will become Foundation Chair in January, on the survey that members, spouses and chapter presidents will be asked to complete later in November to help the  board update the strategic plan. Also, in the November Oakleaf you can find out about chapter activities, read more memories of supply officers, read a report on discussions held by the SECNAV Retiree Council, and more. Click here to read The Oakleaf now
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The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a fundraising effort run at many U.S. government agencies throughout the world during the fall months. Your consideration of a gift to the Foundation (CFC member number 10281) will help us carry out our mission to perpetuate the values, traditions, and history of the Supply Corps throughout the lives of individuals in the Supply Corps community. The foundation provides scholarships and programs related to recruiting, training and development, transition, recognition, subsidies for annual community gatherings for each of the regional chapters, and more. Contributions received through the CFC are usually received from our active duty members or retirees and reservists who work for the Federal Government.
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Four Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarship recipients have also been named winners in the Navy Supply Corps Foundation first annual video selfie contest. According to Foundation Chair CAPT (Ret.) John Kizer, each of these videos “did a great job of expressing your appreciation for the scholarship support you have received, as well as demonstrating how this support made a different for you and your family.”

The winners included Emma Brown, a freshman at Indiana University, Zachary Hahn, a freshman at the Pennsylvania State University, Karli Himmerlich, a junior at Florida State University,  and Ebone McNeil, a freshman at George Fox University.  Each winner received a check for $100 plus a Navy Supply Corps Foundation thumbdrive.

Click here to see the videos.  Congratulations all!
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Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Randall S. Smith, who was a victim of the shooting
incident at the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) in Chattanooga, TN, has
passed away.  LS2 Smith was a staff member of NOSC Chattanooga where he was
the training and operations Petty Officer supporting more than 140 Reserve Sailors.

LS2 Smith enlisted in the Navy on 15 September 2010 in his home state of
Ohio.  He attended Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes, IL followed by
Logistics Specialist "A" School in Meridian, MS.  His first tour was as
Hazardous Material Supervisor and Storeroom Logistics Specialist on USS WASP
(LHD 1).

LS2 Smith is survived by his wife and three daughters.

(Source: NAVSUP  Flash from the Chief, 7/19/15)

The church service and funeral for LS2 Randall Smith will be held on Tuesday, 28 July 2015. 
Church Service will be held at 1400 EDT at:
First Baptist Church
2645 Lafayette Road
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
The Funeral will be at 1600 EDT at:
Chattanooga National Cemetery
1200 Bailey Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404
The Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, 15 August.  Details are still being planned.
No official obituary has been released.

(Source:  NAVSUP 7/27/2015)
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Check out the July issue of The Oakleaf, newsletter of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, now online at  Click on "The Oakleaf" tab at the top of the screen.  See the list of scholarship recipients, learn the winners of the 2015 Spirit Award, hear news from the SECNAV’s Retiree Council and the latest from the Navy Supply Corps School, as well as information about the Millington Fun Bunch, the 2016 Foundation river cruise and more!   Paper copies are in the mail.
Suggestions for The Oakleaf can be sent to  Deadline for the next issue is September 15. We look forward to hearing from you!
CAPT John L. Kizer, SC, USN (Ret.)
Board of Directors Chair
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On May 18, 2015 the U.S. AbilityOne Commission announced the 2015 AbilityOne award recipients. RADM Richard T. “Dick” Ginman, SC, USN (Ret.) was recognized for the E.R. “Dick” Alley Career Achievement Award.
The E. R. “Dick” Alley Career Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has provided extraordinary achievement and sustained effort in utilizing the Federal procurement system to create AbilityOne employment opportunities. This is the highest award bestowed by the Commission, and only one is given each year.
This year’s recipient, RADM Ginman, is former Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, Department of Defense. Ginman has been a strong advocate and supporter of the AbilityOne Program throughout his 44-year military and civil service career, implementing policies and solutions that have increased employment opportunities for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. He has signed and spearheaded several AbilityOne support memoranda, which were distributed to the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) acquisition workforce. By encouraging the AbilityOne contract management support program, he has enabled 14 nonprofit agencies to support nearly 80 DoD contracting offices, which resulted in more than 160 upwardly mobile employment opportunities for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. He has also educated colleagues about AbilityOne through close collaboration with DoD Senior Procurement and Acquisition Executives


Left to right: Chairperson J. Anthony Poleo, Alley Award recipient RADM Richard T. Ginman, SC, USN (Ret.) and Executive Director Tina Ballard.
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Six chapters took home bragging rights and funding to support a chapter family event as a result of being named winners in the 2015 Spirit Award competition, which wrapped up at the end of May. The Spirit Award was established by the Foundation Board of Directors to recognize the Chapters that added the most new members to the USNSCF master mailing list during the seven month period from October 2014 through May 2015.
The Washington, DC Chapter was named as the winner in the Large category and will be awarded $2500; the Mechanicsburg Chapter, winner in the Medium chapter category, will receive $1500; and the Monterey Chapter, winner in the Small category, earned $1000. The funds are provided to allow the chapter to host a family event of their choosing within the Community Values and Traditions guidelines. In addition Foundation will recognize the tremendous efforts of three other chapters, South West Asia, Tampa Bay and Hawaii, by awarding them $500 each for a similar event of their choosing.
More than 320 names were added to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation mailing list as a result of the effort. The Spirit Award provides a positive reward to the chapters, however the best outcome is to those “lost” members who will now be reconnected with the Supply Corps and share in the spirit of camaraderie, heritage and service that the Navy Supply Corps Foundation provides.
Congratulations to the chapter winners and a special thank you to each chapter president and all the members who supported this effort.
The final numbers list.
News and Info
    1.  GENERAL.  Retired officers and enlisted personnel, who are not on
active duty, may wear the uniform, insignia, and qualifications
corre-sponding to the rank or rating indicated on the retired list.
         a.  Retired personnel may wear uniforms at ceremonies or official
functions when the dignity of the occasion and good taste dictate.  Wearing
a uniform is appropriate for memorial services, weddings, funerals, balls,
patriotic or military parades, ceremonies in which any active or reserve
United States military unit is participating, and meetings or functions of
military associations.
         b.  Retired personnel may wear the uniform of their grade while
instructing a cadet corps or similar organization at approved naval or
military academies or other approved academic institutions.
    3.  UNIFORM NOT AUTHORIZED.  Retired personnel are prohibited from
wearing the uniform in connection with personal enterprises, business
activities, or while attending or participating in any demonstration,
assembly or activity for the purpose of furthering personal or partisan
views on political, social, economic, or religious issues.
    4.  FOREIGN COUNTRIES.  Retired personnel, who are not on active duty,
living or visiting a foreign country, may only wear a uniform to attend
ceremonies or social functions when wearing a uniform is required by the
terms of the invitations of customs of the country.
    5.  GROOMING STANDARDS.  Retired personnel must comply with the
grooming standards in these regulations, but uniforms and equipment may
either be those prescribed here or those authorized at the time of their
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The 2015-2016 Navy Supply Corps Foundation Scholarship Recipients are listed here.  
News and Info
Rear Admiral Jonathan Yuen was the guest speaker at the 27th Annual Ester Boone Memorial Scholarship Banquet held on 9 May 2015.  During the event, 29 high school seniors were presented with scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 based on academic achievement, positive community involvement, commitment and financial need.  In his speech, Admiral Yuen congratulated the students on their accomplishments and encouraged them to invest in and never give up on their passion.

At the event, Courtney Bynum, daughter, CAPT Rè Bynum (previous President of Navy Supply Corps Foundation - Mechanicsburg Chapter)  was awarded the Ellis / Corley Scholarship for academic achievement and positive involvement in her community.

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During the San Diego Chapter of the Navy Supply Corps’ 220th birthday celebration CAPT Ed Butzirus with the helpf of guest speaker, Mr. Jonathan Goldsmith, presented a check establishing a $50,000 memorial lifetime scholarship to Kathleen Sturdivant (daughter of the late CAPT Fran and Patricia Derby) and her husband Tom. CAPT Butzirus said, “Please accept this well-earned recognition for your parents.  We are grateful to them and your entire family for your outstanding service to our country, the United States Navy, and the Supply Corps Foundation here in San Diego.”

CAPT Fran Derby passed away last July in San Diego.  He served 23 years before retiring in 1975.  While in the Navy, he served onboard three ships and multiple duty stations across the United States and overseas.  During his retirement, he was awarded the U.S. Navy Supply Corps Lifetime Achievement Award.  His wife, Patricia, of 59 years passed away in 2010.  She maintained a very active role within the Navy Supply Corps Wives Association and many other spousal groups throughout her husband’s career.  Through his love of the Supply Corps, CAPT Derby maintained his connection by serving as a retired representative of the San Diego Chapter until his passing.

Pictured above, from left, are CAPT Butzirus, Tom and Kathleen Sturdivant, and Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who portrays “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”
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We’d love to hear how your scholarship has made a difference for you.  Send us a video selfie (60 seconds or less) describing how you felt getting this help and, just for entering, we’ll send you a thumbdrive to store some of your data.  We’ll also award $100 for the most outstanding video. 
Each video must include:
  • Recipients name, home town, school they will be attending and Supply Corps sponsor
  • An expression of how the scholarship has made a difference for you
Creativity is encouraged!
Submissions should be emailed to by June 30.  All entries will be posted online at
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Members and Friends of the Naval Logistics Community, see information below and attached for the 5 JUNE Navy Supply Corps Foundation SPRINGFEST Golf Tourney at Laurel Hill Golf Club.  Proceeds from this tournament will support Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarships and career development programs, including the memorial scholarship program for dependents of those who paid their last full measure of devotion while on active duty. 
For those in the industry, academic and retired communities, this is a time to connect with shipmates for a wonderful day, either for the full golf and dinner program or just to join up for dinner. 
Dale Cottongim, (540) 295-1994, is the official sponsorship drum beater.  Please call Dale if there are any questions.  Here's what you can do to connect: 
         - Register a team and play!  There are only approximately 144 slots.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  The NSCF-WC email announcement is attached.
         - Sponsor a hole tee-box for $200.    We  also have special limited sponsorships and signage for the beverage/food cart and for the lunch.  Contact Dale if interested to discuss rates
         - If you are sponsoring, please send electrons of your logo for signage.  Paypal is available for credit card payments.  Please use comments to identify if you are paying to play, sponsoring or both.  Otherwise, send your payments to:
NSCF-WC, c/o Dale Cottongim, 18 Wild Plum Court, Stafford, VA 22554  
         - Contribute your corporate (or personal) goodies and golf paraphernalia for the charity raffle.  Let us know what you are bringing in advance or, if you cannot attend, mail them to Dale at the address above.

Click here for details: Springfest 2015.ppt

News and Info
Save the date:  Next Board and Chapter Presidents meeting is September 24 and 25 in St. Louis, MO More specifics will be forthcoming.
News and Info
Check out the March issue of The Oakleaf, newsletter of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. This issue includes news on the publication of  "Ready for Sea: The History of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps.” orders are being taken at, click on ships store with a delivery date of late March 2015. Also, in the March Oakleaf you can find out how to sign up for the 2016 Rhine river cruise, hear more about the competition for the 2015 spirit award, learn about post retirement opportunities in the financial industry for veterans and their family members, and more. Click here to read The Oakleaf now.
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The first woman to report to USS Minnesota was the supply officer.  She reported to the attack sub Minnesota, a submarine official said, the first of a cadre of six that will start the integration effort in the elite attack boat force. Read the story in the Navy Times: U.S. Navy attack sub integration starts.
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Readers of The Oakleaf will be happy to learn that “Ford Island December 7, 1941,” a book of the stories of the 1941 children of Ford Island, has recently been published. The stories, some of which appeared in the March 2014 issue of The Oakleaf , were compiled by Katrina Luksovsky; the book is now available online at
There is also a blog section on the website that has photos from the December 7, 2014 return of five of the 1941 children of Battleship Row to Hawaii. Watch for the March 2015 issue of The Oakleaf to learn more
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Only three cabins remaining - all inclusive. Come enjoy tulip season in Holland, and spring along the Rhine. Visit four countries! A great value. These cabins will not last. Act fast!

We have two BA category (205 sq ft) cabins for $3327 per person and one BD cabin at $3492. Contact Pat Loeser,, to answer any and all questions or follow up on any leads you may have.  Don’t miss the chance to be on the second Navy Supply Corps Foundation “Oakleaf Cruise.” Scenic Tours has planned an exciting adventure: Amsterdam to Basel "Highlights of the Rhine" set for April 2016 (8 days, 7 nights)

The cruise will begin on April 18, 2016, when passengers will board the Scenic Opal in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and cruise along the Rhine River for eight days, ending on April 25 in Basel, Switzerland.

Contact Pat Loeser at to make your reservation now.
Please click here for cruise details:  2016 River Cruise.

2016 River Cruise list-updated April 14, 2016
Here's a look at a ship identical to Scenic Opal:
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For active duty personnel, if you are using a address as your primary email on your Foundation profile, consider adding or changing that to a personal email address. Just log in, click on your name under the Make a Donation button, click on "Update" at the top of your Profile page and you will be able to make changes to your email address. Be sure to click on Update at the bottom of the page when you've made your changes.
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Is there a Fun Bunch in your area? Would you like to have one? These are not official spouses clubs but loosely organized groups, open to all spouses of active duty, retired and deceased Supply Corps officers, with an emphasis on fun. Sharing experiences, getting to know each other and the community, and establishing or renewing friendships are all encouraged. It just takes a little initiative on a few individuals part to call together some spouses and start spreading the word. Hampton Roads, Hawaii, Mechanicsburg and San Diego all have active groups meeting at this time. You can find links to these clubs on their respective Chapter pages on the Navy Supply Corps Foundation website at

For more information about getting a Fun Bunch started in your area, contact Tracy Pimpo at She's the spouses representative on the Foundation Board of Directors and would be happy to help you get a group started in your area.
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As we are notified, funeral service updates will be posted under Quicklinks, Funeral Service Updates. Send notices to or
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There was an overwhelming reaction to this cruise and all cabins were sold out. Check out photos being submitted on Quicklinks. Send your photos for posting to Be sure to include a caption and recognize those in your photo. Since the France rivder cruise was so successful we are working on another tour in 2015.  Let us know if you are  interested in a National Parks tour. Details can be seen in the article below this one on the website homepage. Send an email to and let us know of your interest.
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Over the past few years three scholarship recipients have videotaped their thanks to the Foundation for the assistance they've received.  Check them out on YouTube.
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The Navy Supply Corps Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic and social organization whose members include every person who has ever served as an officer in the United States Navy Supply Corps. We are working hard to know where our members are. To register your membership, select the link below and complete the form. 
We encourage our active duty, reserves, and DoD employee members to use there private email addresses rather than their .mil accounts for Foundation and Chapter business. If you think you may already have registered and would like to update your profile to include a personal email address as your primary but need your username and password to log in, send an email to
Sign up here
Remember, membership costs you nothing.
The Navy Supply Corps Foundation serves the best interests of all Supply Corps officers and their families. Your membership and support are sincerely appreciated.
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If you think you may already have an account but are having problems logging in, send an email to with your full name and request a search. Please don’t create a new account if you may already have one. We will strive to respond within 24 hours.
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We thank all our contributors for their support of the Foundation.  For those who contribute via the Combined Federal Campaign, we often don't receive enough information (full name and address) to be able to thank you properly. The Foundation is greatly appreciative of your donation and your support of our mission.  Your contribution will help the Foundation reach its long-term goals and continue its dedication to serve the Navy Supply Corps community. Because of people like you, we can continue our Scholarship Program and to"take care of our own".  Again, thank you for your donation.  

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     In an effort to cut costs, the Foundation wants to move to e-mail distribution of The Oakleaf for as many people as possible. In order to receive the newsletter by email you need to take one of the following actions. 
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   The goal is to have a much smaller mailing list and more people reading The Oakleaf online by mid 2014. Opting out of the paper copy will help the Foundation save money by cutting mailing and printing costs.
   Keeping in touch with the Supply Corps community is paramount to the Foundation. Maintaining accurate information is critical. You can help by keeping your account up to date online or by notifying the Foundation office of changes. Stay in touch!

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