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AARP Article Featuring One of Our Own
AARP Article Featuring One of Our Own
On this Valentine's Day, we thought it timely to share a story of the heart. One of our own, CDR Spencer Moseley, is experiencing a significant health challenge. He has been an ardent supporter of the Foundation for years and a Board member for the last six years. Spencer hopes that by sharing his story he will be able to help others. We continue to keep Spencer and his family in our thoughts and prayers.  From Spencer:

I wanted to share with you an article about me that was published by the American Heart Association and AARP about my medical condition called Arterial Fibrillation (AFib).  This is a condition where the top of the heart flutters and no longer delivers a consistent heartbeat; each beat now is irregular from the last and this causes a whole host of problems. AFib has fundamentally changed the direction of my life and as such I needed to resign my position as the Communications Chairman for the Supply Corps Foundation. I have been associated with the Foundation since 2007 and was a national board member for the past 6 years. This resignation leaves me with great sorrow but it is something that needed to be done so I can concentrate upon my health. I agreed to be interviewed for the article in hopes that my experience will help others.  Our health is one of the most important conditions of our lives and I need time now to concentrate on my wife and my health.  I hope you enjoy the article which can be found on the AARP website.  I am also continuing to post and blog regularly on:
Spencer Moseley