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UPDATED MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDATION CHAIR: Executive Director Position Available
UPDATED MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDATION CHAIR: Executive Director Position Available
Please read the following email from Foundation Chair RADM (ret) Bird to Foundation Members regarding the Executive Director position opening at the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. Application deadline is 30 June 2019.

Foundation Members:
The Foundation’s current Chief Staff Officer, CDR (ret) Jack Evans, will be retiring
at the end of 2019. Accordingly, we are in the process of advertising for a new
Chief Staff Officer. 

Interested Candidates, click here to learn more about the position and for details on how to
submit your application.
You will note that the position has been retitled from Chief Staff Officer to
Executive Director (ED). As part of the Position Description update process, we reviewed similar
non-profit entities and their organization construct. The title “Executive Director”
more accurately reflects the duties Jack has been performing and what we want
to continue into the future. The Foundation Board passed updated
Bylaws at the May 2019 BOD meeting to effect this administrative change.

In order to attract the best qualified candidates for the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Executive
Director (ED) position, the work location for the ED is negotiable. The Foundation headquarters
will remain in Watkinsville (Athens), GA, but the ED will be able to operate remotely from his/her
home keeping electronically connected with the office. The ED will be expected to travel to the
office as required and at least monthly. As part of the role of the ED, he/she will lead a review
of options for a potential future relocation of the headquarters.

Please give this position widest dissemination. This is an excellent opportunity
for a retired or former Supply Corps officer to continue to serve our community in
a meaningful and dynamic way.

Best regards,
Linda Bird, RADM, SC, USN (ret)
Chair, U. S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation