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Flash from the Commander, NAVSUP and 49th Chief of Supply Corps: 246th Navy Birthday
Flash from the Commander, NAVSUP and 49th Chief of Supply Corps: 246th Navy Birthday
246th Navy Birthday

October 13, 1775 marks the Navy's 246th birthday and commemorates the day the Continental Congress authorized the procurement, fitting out, manning and dispatch of the first two Continental Navy vessels to cruise in search of munitions ships supplying the British Army in America. Since then, Sailors have deployed in peace and in conflict to safeguard our American values and way of life.

The U.S. Navy is always ready, and continues its mission to preserve peace, protect commerce and deter aggression through a constant forward presence. We are always on the watch--reliable, flexible and ready to respond on, above and below the sea.

The theme for this year's Navy birthday is, Resilient and Ready, which speaks to the Navy's history of being able to overcome a disaster, such as the loss of a ship or a global pandemic, and still maintain force lethality and preparedness.

The role of today's Navy involves everything from warfighting and warfare support, to keeping waterways safe and open for global commerce, to deterring sea piracy and drug trafficking. When called upon, the Navy is ready to answer the call anywhere, anytime. The unwavering dedication of our Sailors to the Navy's mission has not faltered over the past 246 years.

Our Supply Corps officers, supply enlisted, and civilian team, continue to provide steadfast support to the fleet. Your tireless efforts ensure peak readiness and enable the Navy to project and sustain naval power effectively during an ongoing strategic competition. The mission focused support NAVSUP and the Supply Corps provide allows naval and Joint forces to operate and maneuver across Planet Earth.

The Navy does not compete, deter or fight alone. We are an integral part of the Joint force and work relentlessly with our allies and partners to generate peace. While we celebrate our victories at sea and honor our shipmates who stand and have stood the watch, we must continue to shape and integrate our collective efforts in order to assure mission success.

Your commitment and hard work does not go unrecognized. Stay the course and continue supporting our great Navy!


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