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NSCF Scholarship Applications due 3/17
NSCF Scholarship Applications due 3/17
2023 - 2024 Foundation Scholarship Applications will be accepted thru March 17, 2023. Applications are available online at

The Foundation will award multi-year and one-time scholarships up to $10,000, with a minimum $2,500 scholarship award. Qualifying Scholarship applicants are Supply Corps Officer spouses, children and grandchildren, and Supply Enlisted spouses and children.

We strongly encourage Spouse and Supply Enlisted dependents to take advantage of this opportunity. Visit the Foundation website Scholarship page for details on the submission process*, to learn more about the Scholarship Program, and to meet past winners.

Since 1971, more than $6.5 million has been awarded to almost 2,700 Supply Corps dependents and descendants, through our Scholarship Program. Please share this excellent opportunity for our Supply Corps Family members to further their education!  

*SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AND TRANSCRIPTS CAN NOW BE EMAILED TO FOUNDATION@USNSCF.COM (See yellow highlighted updates on the Scholarship Instruction pdf)