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Websites of Interest

Navy Sites

Navy Home Page

My Navy Portal 

BUPERS/Navy Personnel Command

Naval History and Heritage Command


Navy Foundations  

CEC/Seabee Historical Foundation

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni & Foundation

U.S. Navy Memorial

Haze Gray & Underway-Naval History


Naval Supply Systems Command  

NAVSUP Home Page 


Other Sites

National Resource Directory  (For wounded warriors and their families)

Arlington National Cemetery

Navy League

Military Officers Association of America


Social Media Sites of Interest

Visit the social media pages listed below to read, listen, view and join the conversation.

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Note: These social networking sites are not owned or managed by Navy Supply Corps Foundation, and NSCF is not responsible for the comments of others on these sites. To participate, you must join each of the social networks individually.


See how the Supply Corps community is sharing and connecting using Facebook. Stay connected with the Foundation and Chapters:

Official Navy Supply Corps Foundation Facebook page

Hampton Roads Chapter

Hawaii Chapter

Djibouti Chapter

Mechanicsburg Chapter

Monterey Chapter

Naples Area Chapter

Newport Chapter

Patuxent River Chapter

Philadelphia Chapter

San Diego Chapter

Washington Area Chapter

Stay connected with “Fun Bunch” groups at various Chapters that provide opportunities for spouses in the Supply Corps community to socialize and network:

Hampton Roads, VA



Stay connected with other entities important to the Supply Corps community:

Official U.S. Navy Facebook page

Official Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Facebook page

Chief of Supply Corps Facebook page

U.S. Navy Supply Corps School Facebook page

U.S. Navy Culinary Specialists (CS) Facebook page

USS Midway Museum

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See what others are sharing with respect to the U.S. Navy and Supply Corps:

Navy Live – Official blog of the U.S. Navy

U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) blog

U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) Naval History blog – Supply Corps History

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Use this microblogging site to keep in touch and up-to-date with friends of the Supply Corps community:

Official United States Navy Twitter page

Official Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Twitterpage

USS Midway Museum Twitter page

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Network with other Foundation members and the Supply Corps community, and see who they're connected to. LinkedIn is a professionally oriented social network that can help you share your knowledge and expertise.

Supply Corps Community LinkedIn Groups include the following:

Official Navy Supply Corps Foundation LinkedIn group

Group Type: Professional. The Navy Supply Corps Foundation provides programs and services to support the Navy Supply Corps Community and promote its heritage and traditions.  See us at


Group Type: Professional. This group is designed for current and former Navy Supply Corps Officers, both Active and Reserve. In order to be eligible for membership in this group, you must have, at one time, worn the Oakleaf as a uniformed member of the United States Navy…..


Group Type: Professional. The US Navy Supply Corps is the "Top Brand" of logistics & financial managers in the US Armed Forces. This group is for former/current Navy Supply Corps officers & ratings to professionally network and to reestablish contact with former shipmates and colleagues.


Group Type: Professional. This group is a networking bridge for all Active and Retired US Navy Supply Corps Officers.


Group Type: Alumni. Naval Supply Corps School in Athens Ga has trained Naval Officers in the areas of Procurement, Purchasing, Supply-chain operations, and logisitcs.

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Access YouTube channels important to the Supply Corps community:

U.S. Navy YouTube Library

Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) YouTube Library 

USS Midway Museum YouTube Library

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Browse and see photos in the Official U.S. Navy Flickr page and USS Midway Museum Flickr page.

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