Community Values and Traditions                                                                    

The Foundation Chapters pursue its mission by providing services and programs related to recruiting, training and development, transition, recognition, financial support, family support, camaraderie and commemoration to the Supply Corps Community. 

The Community Values and Traditions (CV&T) Program provides funds to subsidize an annual community gathering for each of the regional Chapters.

The specific purpose of the CV&T program is to support new and/or different activities by local Chapters, to build stronger relationships between all elements of the Supply Corps Community, including active, reserve, retired and former officers, as well as families and friends.

The community gatherings may be in the form of picnics or similar-type get-togethers that include members, spouses, significant others, children and friends of the local Chapter. The idea is to recognize and support the entire Supply Corps Community in each respective area. This is not a program to support Birthday Balls and like events.

To apply for a funding from the CV&T Program, the Chapter president should e-mail to providing the following information:

• a description of the function
• where it will be held
• an estimate of number of participants by category, i.e., members, spouses, significant others, children and friends
• an estimate of the cost
• the portion of the cost requested from Foundation

When publicizing an approved CV&T event, we ask that the Chapter credit the Foundation’s support of this event in all communications materials by noting, “This event is made possible by funding from the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Community Values and Traditions Program.” In addition, we ask that the Chapter share photos, cut lines and a short article for use on the Foundation’s website and in The Oakleaf. This information should be sent to We want to highlight the goodness of these community gatherings. 

The Foundation looks forward with pleasure to providing this annual monetary support to enhance local esprit de corps and Chapter enrichment events throughout the Supply Corps Community.