Heritage Display Program                                                                                 

The Heritage Display program serves to preserve the history of the Supply Corps through high quality displays designed to capture the traditions and customs of the Supply Corps as well as tell its cherished story. The primary venues for the displays are the Memorial Ship Museums such as the USS Midway and Battleship North Carolina. Traveling displays depicting the Vietnam era heritage of the Supply Corps are also being developed.

Read updates on our many partnerships:
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Heritage Committee Spotlight: Battleship IOWA Museum ~ Vicky’s Doghouse By: By Marann Fengler, Executive Assistant, Battleship IOWA Museum

Heritage Display on Battleship NORTH CAROLINA

The Supply Corps Foundation's latest Heritage Display is onboard the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA (BB55).  The NORTH CAROLINA recently installed a new exhibit to enhance interpretation of the enlisted men's Galley. Visitors learn about what the Supply Department Cooks made for a "taste of home" on Thanksgiving 1942 when BB55 was in Fiji. The Foundation grant funded faux food, protective cover, and new interpretive signs. The exhibit helps bring the Galley to life and visitors pause to admire the display and learn more about the Battleship's daily life during wartime. Many of BB55's visitors do not know anything about ships or the Navy but they relate to universal topics such as food and feeding large groups of young men. 

Menu from Thanksgiving Day Dinner 1942
Chow Call sign welcomes visitors to the reproduction of the Enlisted Men's galley.
New signs give life to the display.

Enlisted Men's Galley
Turkey legs
Pie ala Mode
Asparagus and peas


Heritage Display on USS MIDWAY

JOD & FSO issuing supplies

Mural showing stowing of supplies
Aft serving line
Aft serving line with docent
Ironing area of ship's laundry room
Midway presentation display in Wardroom


Junior Wardroom
Hotel Services
Forward Ship Store
      Vertical replenishment
Farm to ship logistics
Check out the USS Midway Display presentation to the Board of Directors.  


Posters tell the Supply Corps Foundation and Chapters Story

Download posters depicting the Foundation mission, scholarship program, heritage, and chapters. These posters can be printed as large as 35 x 46 for use in a display. Click on the poster number and name below the images to download pdf files for printing.

Poster 1 - Navy Supply Corps Foundation - Taking Care of Our Own

Poster 2 - Scholarships

Poster 3 - Heritage

Poster 4 - Regional Chapters