Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee is focused on ensuring that the US Navy Supply Corps captures and can continue to appreciate and value the rich history of the contributions of the Supply Corps to the Navy and the United States.

One goal of the Heritage Committee is to reach out to former Supply Corps officers to gather "sea stories".  The first article in this endeavour is by RADM (ret) Robert Phillips.  RADM Phillips gives a fascinating account of the Navy Supply Corps involvement in DaNang, Vietnam during the Vietnam War in the excerpt below:

"To understand the Navy Supply Corps involvement in the "I" corps (the five Northern Provinces of VietNam) Tactical Zone, one needs to go back to the events which occurred in the 1968 Lebanon Crisis.

An oversimplified version is that the USMC was sent in to assist the Lebanese government and they were to secure the airport.  The USMC WWII experiences were not of a garrison variety but rather to take control by an amphibious landing, secure the island, and move on to the next island.  In Beirut they quickly landed and secured the airport but over the following months it became apparent that they did not have a sustainable system for getting logistical support from the waterfront to the troops."

Read the entire story here.

Photos courtesy of RADM (ret) Phillips