Heritage Program                                                                                      

The Heritage Committee is focused on ensuring that the US Navy Supply Corps captures the rich history of the Supply Corps and the Supply Corps contributions to the Navy and to the United States.
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The Navy Supply Corps Foundation strives to learn more about the lives or our Supply Community through your compelling stories and experiences serving our nation. Capturing your stories serves to honor our shared heritage and preserve our Supply Corps traditions. 

The stories of our men and women of the United States Navy Supply Corps are unique and relevant. You offer a perspective that may not be experienced by others in the same way. The value in sharing our stories goes beyond today–bringing depth and dimension to historical events and helping to shape a greater understanding of our role in the Navy and our service to the United States of America. 

Record your story with NSCF to receive a copy of Ready for Sea: The History of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps. 

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- Story must be a minimum of 250 words or 1,500 characters
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For more information about this project, email the NSCF Communications Director at communications@usnscf.com.

The Heritage Committee reaches out to former Supply Corps officers to gather "sea stories". The first article in this endeavour is by RADM (ret) Robert Phillips. RADM Phillips gives a fascinating account of the Navy Supply Corps involvement in DaNang, Vietnam during the Vietnam War in the excerpt below:

"To understand the Navy Supply Corps involvement in the "I" corps (the five Northern Provinces of VietNam) Tactical Zone, one needs to go back to the events which occurred in the 1968 Lebanon Crisis.

An oversimplified version is that the USMC was sent in to assist the Lebanese government and they were to secure the airport.  The USMC WWII experiences were not of a garrison variety but rather to take control by an amphibious landing, secure the island, and move on to the next island.  In Beirut they quickly landed and secured the airport but over the following months it became apparent that they did not have a sustainable system for getting logistical support from the waterfront to the troops."


Read the entire story here.

Photos courtesy of RADM (ret) Phillips


Did you know? One of our own, Rear Admiral Wallace R. Dowd, Jr., SC, USN (Ret.), has created an oral history and it is now profiled online!  The Naval Historical Foundation's Oral History program was launched in 1996. To date, the program has gathered over two hundred oral histories and memoirs. These interviews help preserve the history of the Military Service and offer valuable insights into the history and practices of the Navy. Check it out! https://bit.ly/3NYPaqZ

Memories of our Supply Corps Members

Reading and hearing the stories, the memories of our Members, helps tell the greater history of our Supply Corps Community. Share your memories, email theoakleaf@usnscf.com . Read below to learn more about the lives of our Members.


The Heritage Committee is compiling and archiving the rich historical impact that our most senior Supply Corps officers have had on our Navy and our community. We have a list of our most senior Supply Corps officers called the “The Vintage Oakleaf Club”.

The committee will be contacting each member of our Vintage Oakleaf Club, or their associated family members, to capture their stories. Information that will be sought includes name, rank, years of service, tours, post Navy career accomplishments, as well as photos and sea stories. The Heritage Committee will ultimately feature each member in the Oakleaf, on the Foundation website, and also the Navy Supply Corps Newsletter for the enrichment and appreciation of our entire Supply Corps Community.


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

A couple of items gained my attention in The Oakleaf ~ Summer Issue. One was the article by Frank (as we knew him back then} PEFFLEY and the other about Eugene MILLER. The November 8, 1945 date stood out in the Miller article (page 20}. It turns out we were in the same Battalion at Ft. Schuyler but different Companies. I am enclosing his "yearbook" photo, the 11/8/45 Graduation Exercises program and Phil Luft's description of our 4 month experience transforming us from Apprentice Seamen to Ensigns! In late October 1945, both of us and others received orders to report, after Ft. Schuyler, to the NSOTC in Bayonne for duty under instruction. I don't recall the short stretch in Bayonne before receiving (along with a number of other recently-minted Ensigns, SC USNR) 2/5/46 orders to report to the Harvard Business School for again--duty under instruction. We would be part of HBS' first post-WWII MBA class. It was there that my acquaintance with retired Captain Peffley began. After graduating from HBS in the Fall of 1947, he, I and others (see photo} had a hasty 2-1/2 weeks "refreshment in Supply Corps duties afloat" in Bayonne (see photo) before receiving orders to sea. Frank to the 00819 and I to the A0-15.
                                                                                                                                             Sincerely, David A. Nimick (Former LT, SC, USN)   


USS Mobile Bay is slated for decommissioning in 2023. An event is being planned to celebrate her many good years of service. To gauge interest in participation, this is a request for the contact information of SUPPOs who served on the USS Mobile Bay. Please email webster.cw@outlook.com with any information
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