Faith Griffin is the recipient of the 2020-2021 CAPT and Mrs. William E. Redman, SC, USN (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship. Faith attends High Point University in NC and is the daughter of retired Lt. Cmdr. Wesley Alexander Griffin, and Shelia Griffin.

Foundation scholarships are for high school seniors and college undergraduate students. Scholarships for spouses going to school
part-time as well as students attending accredited community college/technical school are available.

 Scholarship applications for 2020-2021 have closed.  Applications for 2021-2022 available Dec. 21, 2020

2020-2021 List of Scholarship Winners, Recurring Winners and Memorial Scholarship Awards

Forty-six students, including children and grandchildren of Supply Corps officers and Supply enlisted personnel, were awarded Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The board awarded 46 scholarships worth $102,000.  This is in addition to 34 scholarships valued at $115,000 that were awarded previously as multiyear awards. Total scholarship awards for this year total $217,000. 
Memorial Scholarships will be given out to 5 children of deceased active duty Supply Officers. 

ELIGIBILITY: For all scholarships, the applicant must:
  1. Be a spouse, child or grandchild of a living or deceased regular, retired, reserve or prior service Supply Corps officer.
  2. Be a spouse or child of an Active or Retired Enlisted with supply enlisted rating (e.g., AK, SK, MS/CS, SH, DK, LI, PC, LS).
  3. Recipient must attend a two (2) or four (4) year accredited college and should be a full-time undergraduate student. (Note: Spouse scholarships are available for spouses who are enrolled for a minimum of 6 hours per semester, undergraduate only)
  1. Applicants must register every year.  Click “New User?” and register.  Sponsor membership accounts on the Foundation’s website cannot be used for applying.
  2. When registering, please make sure you select the following boxes on the registration form in order to obtain an application:
    •  Rank and Status – Other, then type in Student
    •  Chapter – Foundation
    •  Check the box - “Apply for a Scholarship”
Once you submit your registration, log back on and click on your name.  The application will be at the top right of the page.
Be sure to read the instructions on the right hand side of the application.
Questions?  Please email::

Detailed Application Instructions

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About the Supply Corps Foundation Scholarship Program

The Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarship applications are available online beginning in December each year. A limited number of four-year scholarships are awarded along with one-year scholarships.

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners, recurring winners, and Memorial Scholarships awarded
The scholarship program, which was the basis for the Foundation's formation three decades ago, was established to provide children of qualifying Supply Corps personnel financial assistance to pursue a college education. Today, any family member (child, grandchild or spouse) of a qualifying Supply Corps officer and child or spouse of a supply enlisted member (active duty, reservist, or retired) is eligible for consideration to receive financial assistance for undergraduate studies at an accredited two or four-year post-secondary school institution.

The application deadline for scholarships are set for the last day of February each year. The Scholarship Committee convenes a special board to choose scholarship awardees and winners are notified by the end of May. Applicants are considered for awards on the basis of character, leadership, academic performance, and financial need.

The Scholarship Program has steadily grown over the past three decades, due in large part to the generosity and efforts of regional chapters, spouses' clubs, and individual Supply Corps officers. In 1971, six one-year $250 scholarships were offered; today, the Foundation's goal is to award $200,000 in scholarships each year. Since 1971, the Foundation has awarded 2,431 scholarships valued in excess of $5,764,500.

The Foundation also funds one-year $2,500 memorial scholarships for the children of Supply Corps officers who have died while on active duty.

Memorial Scholarship Fund

Taking Care of Our Own” is a significant part of the mission of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. One of the ways we do this for each other is through our Memorial Scholarship fund, which provides college tuition assistance for the minor children of Supply Corps officers who die while on Active Duty. The Foundation contributes $10,000.00 to establish a scholarship fund for each of the minor children of a Supply Corps Officer who dies while on Active Duty. The scholarship fund is maintained as a restricted account within our corpus and is available for disbursement when the child is ready to attend college. The fund is also set up so that individuals can contribute to the fund.

The program applies to Active Duty Supply Corps Officers, any Reserve Supply Corps Officer in the following categories: Mobilization, Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW), Active Duty for Training (ADT), Annual Training (AT) and Inactive Duty for Training (IDT).

If you wish to contribute to one of the scholarship funds, you can do so online by clicking here: Donation. Note your wishes in the comment section or send a check payable to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, with the name of the child or Memorial Scholarships annotated in the memo block, and send it to:

Navy Supply Corps Foundation, 2061 Experiment Station Rd., Suite 301, PMB 423, Watkinsville, GA  30677

The Navy Supply Corps Foundation has also established a memorial scholarship fund in honor of RDML Kurt Kunkel, SC, USN. Proceeds from this fund will be used to award a Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarship in honor of Admiral Kunkel to a deserving member of our supply family.  Contributions to this fund can be made by sending a check to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, 2061 Experiment Station Rd., Suite 301, PMB 423, Watkinsville, GA  30677 or by clicking here: Donation.  Please annotate in the memo section of your check or in the online donation box, "IMO RDML Kunkel".

Send your questions or comments to or call (706) 354-4111.

Supply Corps Officers Who Have Died on Active Duty Since 2001

January 2001 LT Corinne J. Pellegrin – 4 Children

Lindsey, Sydney, Shanna and Kyle

April 2002 CDR Paul J. Dour – 3 Children

Vincent, Colleen and Brennan

April 2003 CDR Joseph Acevedo – 2 Children

Joseph and Stephan

August 2004 LT David M. Barksdale – No Children

Oct0ber 2004 LT Dave Hiles – 2 Children

Kelsey and Audrey

January 2005 LCDR Keith E. Taylor – 3 Children

Katharine, Audrey, and Emily

August 2005 CAPT Lyman Foster – 1 Child (plus 1 over the age limit)


September 2005 LTJG Katherine Douglas – No Children

November 2005 CAPT Joseph N. Mecca – (3 Children over the age limit)

April 2006 ENS Christopher O. Simon – No Children

April 2007 CDR Philip Murphy-Sweet – 3 Children

Olivia, Lauren and Seth

March 2007 CAPT Lindsay Perkins – 2 Children

Alexander and Nickolai

March 2007 LCDR Morgan Tulang – 2 Children

Mia and Mitchell

June 2007 LCDR Dexter Gloster - 3 Children

Devin, Brianna and Ashley

March 2008 LT Ron Irwin - 1 Child


September 2008 LCDR Greg Bellenger - 2 Children

Greilen and Geraint

November 2010 CAPT Todd Kirst - 1 Child (plus 2 over the age limit)


December 2010 LCDR (SEL) Scintar Mejia - 1 Child


September 2011 RDML Kurt L. Kunkel -2 Children

Emma & Sara

November 2011 LCDR Michael Edwards - 2 Children

Michael Jr. & Jordan

April 2012 CAPT Douglas H. Rose - 2 Children

 Griffin & Ben

 October 2012 CDR Joel Tiu - 2 Children

Joel & Justine

April 2013 LT Daniel Neubauer - 2 Children

Walter & Sophie

August 2014 LT James Kervella - 2 Children

Tyler and Cameron

September 2014 LTJG Stephen Byus - 2 Children

Lexi and Jacob

June 2020 CDR Juan D. Cabral - 1 Child



Scholarship Winners from Previous Years

2019-2020 Scholarship Winners, recurring winners, and Memorial Scholarship Awards

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners, recurring winners, and Memorial Scholarship Awards

2017-2018 Scholarship Winners, recurring winners, and Memorial Scholarships Awards

If you are interested in obtaining information about the Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarship program, contact Cindy Inglett at (706) 354-4111 or email:

We are also looking for mentors for our scholarship winners. This is a commitment to call a winner several times throughout the school year to see how they are doing and offering any guidance or advice that may be warranted.