Transitioning from the military to civilian life is a process best managed with a few great resources at your fingertips. Finding your post-military career has never been easier—read, research and engage to ensure a smooth transition. 

Current News
  • Corporate Gray Military-Friendly Job Fair: September 25, 2020 9 am - 12 noon - Springfield, VA
Save the date to meet online with top employers at the Corporate Gray MIlitary Friendly Job Fair: September 25, 2020 9 am - 12 noon - Springfield, VA. Interview with companies like Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen, SAIC, Leidos, Prince William County Police, ARServices, Preferred Systems Solutions, LMI, and many more! Job fair hours are 9 am to 12 noon, with an Employer Panel discussion for job seekers starting at 8 am. To ensure you receive the job fair Employer Directory in advance, pre-register at Be sure to upload your resume so that the participating companies will have early access to your credentials. While especially for transitioning service members and veterans, this job fair is free and open to all job seekers.
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  • Wonder how your skills transfer in the civilian world?
Bridge My Return (BMR) is a Military Hiring Platform that effectively connects Veterans, Transitioning Military, Guard and Reserve members to career opportunities with Military-ready employers looking to recruit, develop and retain military talent.
Service members leverage BMR’s technology to translate their military skills into civilian skills, create a professional resume and get matched to jobs via the BMR algorithm.
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The Role of Research

The hardest part of transitioning from the military is knowing where and when to start the planning process. Check NSCF LinkedIn and Facebook pages for job opportunities, resources and community support as you navigate the military retirement process and prepare your plan of action in the civilian world.

The Military Life Cycle

The National Resource Directory highlights programs for our Military, Veterans and their families to help identify applicable benefits and appropriate agencies for issue resolution.

Transitioning to the civilian world after several years, or a career, serving in the military is a change that may cause anxiety for many military families. And for good reason—deciding where to live, where to work, the type of work to do and where the kids will go to school are life-changing choices. Though moving from base-to-base often involves a change in lifestyle, transitioning to the civilian workforce brings an additional set of challenges. Fortunately, there is help. Take advantage of the military’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP) to make the process easier.

To combat the transition challenge of “You don’t know what you don’t know”, especially now during a global pandemic, VBA has launched a new video series called Transition Talk to bring critical information and resources to transitioning service members and Veterans. The inaugural episode discusses topics that matter most to those in transition, or those facing anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic: GI Bill payments, filing compensation claims, accessing possible state-based cash assistance programs, and more. All episodes can be viewed at: “Transition Talk” video series: Military to Civilian support during COVID-19 - VAntage Point.

 Setting Family Expectations

For many kids, just like their parents, transitioning out of the military means adopting a new lifestyle. Families may no longer have the built-in support system available on or near military installations. Kids may experience concern over the uncertainty of a parent’s employment, fear of the unknown, or adjustments to their own lifestyle. Many resources for transitioning families are   available on the Department of Defense (DoD) website.

Market Research
  • The adage “knowledge is power” is especially true when conducting a job search. A successful job search campaign requires gathering intelligence data, just as a military operation would. Your research activities should focus on four major targets: alternative jobs and careers, organizations, individuals, and communities.
  • Documenting your military experience and training can be a powerful tool as you transition from military to civilian life. The VMET (Verification of Military Experience and Training), or DD Form 2586, documents and verifies service member military experience and training for use and application in the civilian workforce.

Marketing Material

Need new business cards? The US Navy Supply Corps Foundation’s Business Card Reimbursement Pilot Program will pay for an initial set of templates and business cards for those Supply Corps officers transitioning from the military. To participate in this program, visit to create, design and order your business cards. Email a copy of your order receipt to In the email with your receipt, please include a copy of the business card template(s) you design and use. The Foundation will reimburse you up to $50. Take advantage of this program now!


5 Steps to Building a Winning Network  

Networking can take on many forms and is an essential tool in the transition process. Regularly engaging acquaintances and associates alike through regular communication offers benefits beyond today. Discover 5 simple steps to effective networking and learn the advantages of a strong network.

Transitioning and Social Media

The fundamental process of networking has not changed and is still the best way to find a job. However, what has changed are the tools that expedite the networking process – namely, LinkedIn and Facebook, along with other online resources where you can identify people you know and people you want to know through the industry and/or profession you are targeting. LinkedIn is a great social media tool for building and maintaining a professional network, showcasing accomplishments, and staying current on industry trends. Learn how to leverage your LinkedIn profile to benefit and expand your professional network. 


Application and Interview

Professional Certifications

Depending on the professional field in which you hope to be employed, you might need a professional certification to increase your hiring opportunities. The GI Bill provides eligible applicants reimbursement of applicable fees that require a license, certification, or admission test to an institute of higher learning. The site provides the detailed information on how to apply for up $2,000 reimbursement. While the process to document the jobs held in the military can be a very daunting task, the effort may be worthwhile as some professional certificates may be attained through the accumulation of military experiences and skills. There are a variety of opportunities to obtain a professional certification related to the skills of a Supply Corps Officer and many of these programs are discounted or even free for veterans.

Resume Development

Many job seekers spend a lot of time creating a résumé, and applying for jobs, but never get called for an interview. Why? Discover 10 reasons why recruiters aren't reading your résumé and make the changes you need to get noticed.

Job Interview After Action Review

While on active duty, you likely participated in many after action reviews (AAR). Creating an AAR for your job interviews is a great way to be focused and successful in your post-military career pursuits.

Employment Offers

You've applied for jobs, and you're finally getting an offer — what’s next? The truth is, companies expect you to negotiate their offer, keeping in mind the salary range authorized for the position. With preparation, you can better assess any offer against your needs and your personal value. This exercise will help you find a “win-win” scenario where both you and the employer are satisfied – the ultimate objective of the negotiation process.


Veteran Job Sites

As a veteran, you can take advantage of many job-search websites and apps; but there are quite a few sites devoted exclusively to helping veterans.  Here are some of the better resources that we have found for your use:
Check out the job postings specific to the skillset of our Supply Corps community!

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