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22 MAY 2019

FY20 Civilian Institutions Post Graduate Selections

It gives me pleasure to announce the Supply Corps officers selected for the FY20 Civilian Institutions (CIVINS) 810 and 811 Programs. The CIVINS 810 and 811 Programs' administrative board is one of the Supply Corps' most competitive, and each of the selectees should be commended for their performance.

Officers selected for the 810 Program will attend one of the nation's top 30 business schools and earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA).  Officers selected for the 811 Program will attend the University of Kansas, earn a MBA from the School of Business and a graduate certificate in petroleum management from the School of Engineering.

810 Program
LT Blaine M. Allgood
LT Rhett C. Barker
LT Jason M. Bentley
LT Joshua A. Fox
LT Edward B. Havel
LT Andrew A. Keene
LT Emily W. Reilly
LT Joseph A. Stark

811 Program
LT Lincoln T. Barber
LT Ricardo Elizaldevalencia
LT David M. Ferreira
LT Gene A. Krampen

The Supply Corps enjoys a strong relationship with many of our nation's top business schools, and these officers will continue to strengthen that unique bond.

Please join me in congratulating these individuals on this significant achievement.



19 MAY 2019

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month honors Americans who hail from the Asian continent and Pacific islands within Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. As we celebrate their achievements and contributions this May, we reflect on the positive impact they have had on the nation despite facing prejudice and discrimination. Comprised of more than 56 ethnic groups with more than 100 languages, their unique perspectives and strong cultural heritage have enriched America’s history.

During World War II, Chinese and Japanese American men and women enlisted for military service in great numbers. More than 20,000 Chinese Americans, or one out of every five in the United States, served in the U.S. Armed Forces at that time. Filipino and Korean Americans also participated in the nation’s war effort. Additionally, many Asian Americans served as nurses and linguists in the Navy’s female reserve program. 

Today, Asian American and Pacific Islander Sailors continue their proud tradition of serving our country. There are currently more than 25,000 Asian American and Pacific Islander service members in the Navy, comprising nearly seven percent of the total force. 

The theme for this year’s observance, “Unite Our Mission by Engaging Each Other,” calls for leaders to increase employee engagement and make our communities better places to live and work. We are a team, and our strength is defined by our cohesion. 

Our supply community continues to be enriched by the efforts and contributions of Asian American and Pacific Islander men and women serving in uniform and as civilian employees. Working together as key members of our teams, they play an integral role in building the Navy the nation needs.



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