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12 DEC 2018

Supply Corps Fall 2018 Internship Selectees

Congratulations to the following selectees for the Fall 2018 internship screening. The programs in which they will participate include: Business/Financial Management (BFM), Integrated Logistics (ILS), Joint Operational Logistics (JOL), Navy Acquisition Contracting (NACO), Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP), and Petroleum (POL).

The internship selectees for Fall 2018 are:

LT Clifton E. Luber, III              USS CHARLOTTE                   JOL
LT Conor R. Rentz                   USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT          ILS
LTJG Jonathon C. Brace          USS MCFAUL                      ILS
LTJG Dylan M. Cawdery           USS HENRY M JACKSON BLUE        BFM
LTJG Coralicemar Cochrane       USS FITZGERALD                  NACO
LTJG Izah M. Lama               USS THE SULLIVANS               NNPP
LTJG Jasmine R. Maupin          USS HARRY S TRUMAN              BFM
LTJG Mathew J. Miller           USS ESSEX                       BFM
LTJG Kate M. Mussman            NMCB FOUR                       BFM
LTJG Andrew B. Oxendine         USS GERALD R FORD               ILS
LTJG Shanita T. Williams        USS GEORGE WASHINGTON           NACO
LTJG Katherine A. Young         USS SOMERSET                    POL
ENS Brittiany D. Currie         USS JOHN C STENNIS              BFM
ENS Beth A. Robinson            VQ 3 SEA DU COMP                NNPP

Again, congratulations to each of you on a job well done!


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