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For more than 50 years, the Foundation has fostered the history, traditions, and growth of the Supply Corps Community.
Our Members are at the heart of our mission.
Members include more than 35,000 active duty, reserve, and veteran Supply Corps Officers.
The Honor Our Heritage, Invest in Our Future campaign funds will help sustain the Foundation and
allow us to support the Supply Corps Community. 

Visit https://navysupplycorpsfoundation.org/nscf-donation/support-campaign/
to learn more about The Campaign and make your contribution today!

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Development Committee: What will future generations think of us?  
By CAPT Will Port, SC, USN (Ret.), Development Committee Chair 
  Through the years, your Navy Supply Corps Foundation has played an instrumental role in the lives of over 2,500 students through educational scholarships. Your foresight and generosity have made this tremendous accomplishment possible. But what about the future? How can you ensure that all the good you’ve done in your career, and in your life, continues on for the generations yet to come? Those who wear, or have worn the oakleaf, come from various walks of life and a variety of backgrounds. Though all of us, when we each look back on our life and career, probably “caught a break” somewhere along the way. Often the “break” was in the form of a leader or a mentor who provided support or some form of encouragement when it was most needed. Such help and mentorship in times of need is the history of legends and, as our time marches on, the names of such leaders and mentors in our lives are fondly, and often reverently, recalled. 
    How will you be recalled? As a Navy Supply Corps Foundation Member, one way to help future generations achieve the same success and fulfillment that you’ve accomplished in your life is to include the Navy Supply Corps Foundation in your Estate Plan and become a member of the Tench Francis Legacy Society. Designating a bequest to the Foundation is quicker and simpler than you may think—engagement with an attorney or financial advisor isn’t required and the bequest amount is totally up to you. 
   You have the rare opportunity, through a Tench Francis legacy bequest, to positively touch future generations in perpetuity. If you’d like to receive more information, with no commitment, please take a moment and send a quick email to Executive Director Dan Pionk. Thanks for all that you do for the good of others. 
“Navy Supply Corps Foundation – Taking Care of Our Own”

Ways you can contribute to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation

The Navy Supply Corps Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds to support projects and programs that enhance the lives and well-being of all members. Contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted for support of Foundation programs.
Online:  You can contribute at anytime online by going to www.usnscf.com and clicking on Make a Donation. You can also set up a recurring donation (for example $83.34 per month is $1000 a yr.).

Donating by mail: Download the Honor Our Heritage, Invest in Our Future Donation Form and mail it with your check or credit card information to Navy Supply Corps Foundation, 2061 Experiment Station Rd., Suite 301  PMB 423, Watkinsville, GA.

Endowment: Endowing the Foundation is easy--it's a committment to giving a small gift on a regular basis. For as little as $50/week, a donor can create a $100,000 Endowment...all online! Learn more HERE

IRA Charitable Rollover: If you are 70 1/2 or older, an IRA charitable rollover is a way you can help continue our work and benefit at tax time too! Learn more HERE.

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD): A QCD allows donors 70 1/2 and older to transfer up to $100,000 tax free from an IRA to the Foundation! Learn more HERE.

CFC 2023 Giving Campaign: Pledge your donation to The Navy Supply Corps Foundation, Inc. CFC #10281#. Official Solicitation Period runs        September 1, 2023 thru January 14, 2024. Learn more HERE.
Named Scholarships:  The Foundation awards one-year and multiple-year scholarships. A donation of $2,500 or more can support one of these scholarships, which can be named for you or someone you choose. Sponsors of a named scholarship will be notified of the recipient of the scholarship, along with background information on the recipient.
Special Memorial Funds: Contributions can be made in memory of an individual. When contributions reach $2,500 in the memorial fund, a scholarship will be named for the designated individual. Currently, Memorial Funds are established for VADM Kenneth Wheeler, RADM Donald E. Wilson, RADM Wallace R. Dowd, RDML Kurt Kunkel, RADM Frank & Barbara Allston, CAPT Fran Derby, CAPT John Titus, Jr., and LT Eric Ferguson. Memorial funds have also been established for Eileen Sapera, Carol Ann Walker, Patricia Collette, Shirley Robinson, Catherine Cuomo, Shirley Billings, and Jessica-Marie A.Tisak.

A scholarship fund for the two children of CS2 Jarod Newlove has been established. Newlove was killed while serving with the Navy Reserve Force Command in Logar province, Afghanistan. A scholarship fund has also been established for the son of SK3 Jamie Fallon. Fallon was killed on 9/11 while serving in the Pentagon. Another fund was set up for the three children of LS2 Randal Smith. Smith was killed while serving at the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Chattanooga.
Memorial Scholarship Funds: The Memorial Scholarship program provides college tuition assistance for the minor children of Supply Corps officers who die while on Active Duty after 2001. The Foundation contributes $20,000.00 to establish a scholarship fund for each of the minor children of a Supply Corps officer who dies while on Active Duty. The scholarship fund is maintained as a restricted account within our corpus and is available for disbursement when the child is ready to attend college. The fund is also set up so that individuals can contribute to it.
Jan 01 
LT Corinne J. Pellegrin
4 Children 
Mar 07
CAPT Lindsay Perkins
2 Children 
Sept 11
RDML Kurt Kunkel
2 Children
Apr 02           
CDR Paul J. Dour
3 Children 
Mar 07
LCDR Morgan Tulang
2 Children
 Nov 11
LCDR Michael Edwards
2 Children
Apr 03           
CDR Joseph Acevedo
2 Children      
Jun 07  
LCDR Dexter Gloster
3 Children 
Apr 12
CAPT Douglas H. Rose
2 Children 
Oct 04           
LT Dave Hiles
2 Children  
Sep 08           
LCDR Greg Bellenger
2 Children
Oct 12
CDR Joel Tiu
2 Children
Jan 05           
LCDR Keith E. Taylor
3 Children 
Mar 08 
LT Ron Irwin
1 Child  
Apr 13
LT Daniel Neubauer
2 Children  
Aug 05    
CAPT Lyman Foster
1 Child   
Nov 10
CAPT Todd Kirst
1 Child    
Aug 14
LT James Kervella
2 Children
Apr 07
CDR Philip Murphy-Sweet
3 Children
Dec 10
LT Scintar Mejia
1 Child
Sept 14
LTJG Stephen Byus
2 Children

Perpetual Scholarships:  A contribution of $50,000 will fund a perpetual scholarship. A restricted fund will be established and dividends and interest on the fund will be used as directed by the contributor to support the Foundation.
Stock donations: Contact the Foundation Executive Director to make a donation of stock directly into the Foundation’s Charles Schwab account.
Planned Giving: Consider the Navy Supply Corps Foundation in your estate planning through a gift annuity, by including the Foundation in your will or as a beneficiary to your life insurance policy to reduce your taxable estate.
For more information on these and other giving options, please contact Foundation Executive Director, CAPT (ret) Dan Pionk, at (706) 354-4111 or email executivedirector@usnscf.com.

Recognizing Contributors

Two programs have been developed to recognize members’ contributions to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. More about the Tench Francis Society and the 21st Century Club here:

Tench Francis Legacy Society

21st Century Club


 Gifts to the Foundation are Tax Deductible

Under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the Navy Supply Corps Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization. 

The Foundation is supported by private donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations and does not receive any government funding. From time to time, donors, when dealing with the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, require a tax identification number. NSCF uses the federal identification number: 23-7066533
Each year when you prepare your tax return, you face a potential federal tax on your capital gains. One simple way to reduce your taxes is to provide a gift to the Foundation. By providing a gift of stock or property that has appreciated in value, you can claim the fair market value for tax purposes (subject to IRS limitations). This allows you to provide significant support for the Foundation without a significant outlay of cash.
Gifts of stock or property can also be donated through a charitable remainder trust. This can provide immediate tax benefits, income from the trust, and still provide support for the Foundation. Contact your tax advisor for additional information.

Click here for a free ESTATE PLANNING GUIDE.

If you need more information on potential tax savings, contact your tax advisor or CAPT (Ret) Dan Pionk, Executive Director, Navy Supply Corps Foundation, 2061 Experiment Station Rd., Suite 301  PMB 423, Watkinsville, GA  30677 or call (706) 354-4111 or at executivedirector@usnscf.com.