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The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation Hampton Roads (NSCF-HR) is a professional organization of United States Navy Supply Corps Officers, active duty, reserve and retired, residing in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. 

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Rank & Name Position Command Phone E-mail
CAPT Thomas Neville President CNSL 757-400-0040 tommyneville8@gmail.com
LCDR Zachary Manriquez Vice President FLCN 757-443-0063 zak2785@gmail.com
LCDR Carnell Aurelio Treasurer FLCN 808-225-4518 sca1018@outlook.com
LCDR Bandon Stewart Secretary NATO 757-747-3977 stewielouie86@yahoo.com
LCDR Lauren Peters Mentorship Coordinator EODESU-2 757-917-6901 petersle11@yahoo.com
LT Bryan Prohaska Communications/Webmaster FLCN 757-433-5102 bryanprohaska@gmail.com
LT Laura Clarke Community Service Coordinator CG 55 757-836-6872 lauraclarke83@yahoo.com
LT Tiffany Robinson Event Planning MSC 224-306-4306 tad12272018@gmail.com
                                                                      COMMAND REPS   
Rank & Name Position Command Phone E-mail
CDR Quentin Lease Primary CNAL 757-836-7732 quentin.e.lease.mil@us.navy.mil
LT Heather Ireland Alternate CNAL 757-836-7811 heather.e.ireland@navy.mil
LT Kaitlyn Franz Primary USFF 757-836-6872 kaitlyn.e.franz2.mil@us.navy.mil
LCDR Lauren Peters Primary MESG 2 757-417-4263 lauren.e.peters4.mil@us.navy.mil
CDR Adam Hamilton Primary NECC 719-556-3674 adam.l.hamilton1@navy.mil
LT Alex DeLaCruz Primary NEXCOM 757-631-3606 myda.delacruz@nexweb.org
CDR Hyong Chu Primary ESG 2 757-462-1317 hyong.y.chu1@navy.mil
LCDR Dan Hinkley Primary CVN 69 757-4437457 daniel.hinkley@cvn69.navy.mil
LCDR Rudy Mason Primary CVN 73 757-534-4242 rudy.mason@cvn73.navy.mil
LT Mark Anthony Booc Primary CVN 74 757-534-0053 mark.booc@cvn74.navy.mil
LT Brandon Magilke Primary CVN 75 757-443-8180 brandon.magilke@cvn75.navy.mil
LCDR David Stonecipher Primary CVN 77 757-443-7717 david.stonecipher@cvn77.navy.mil
ENS Eric Severn Primary CVN 79 757-775-0739 eric.severn@cvn79.navy.mil
CDR Chris Sands Primary CNSL 757-836-3177 christopher.m.sands1@navy.mil
LCDR Sanjay Sharma Primary FLC Norfolk 757-443-5112 sanjay.sharma1@navy.mil
LT Pablo Rodriguez Primary DDNV 757-278-8004 Pablo.J.Rodriguez@dla.mil
LTJG Ross Magee Primary SUBLANT/Gru 2 757-836-1118 ross.a.magee1@navy.mil
LCDR Ryan Cullinan Primary C2F 757-836-4835 robert.r.cullinan1@navy.mil
LT Heather Kerber Primary NNSY 757-967-3778 heather.kerber@navy.mil
LCDR Brandon Stewart Primary NATO 979-204-1288 brandon.stewart@act.nato.int

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Upcoming Events

Community Service Project: Habitat for Humanity (Est. October '21)

Friday Oct 01, 2021

All Calls Made and Returned

Friday Nov 05, 2021

November Social (Hampton Roads - USMC & Toys for Tots Gift Donation)

Thursday Nov 18, 2021

Fleet Supply Officer “BEAT ARMY” Holiday Party

Saturday Dec 11, 2021