A Message from the Chapter President

Aloha from the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Hawaii Chapter (NSCF-HC)! As a subsidiary of the NSCF, the Hawaii Chapter is a non-profit, professional and social organization whose purpose is to engage members in professional development, community involvement, charitable endeavors, and social interaction to further the traditions and values of the Supply Corps heritage. In so doing, the Chapter strives to promote "espirit de corps" and camaraderie among Supply Corps professionals throughout Hawaii.

So, if you have ever “worn the oakleaf” and find yourself in Hawaii, I encourage you to check out the next upcoming event and get involved with NSCF-HC. It is a great way to have fun, network, and support worthy causes. If you are interested in getting more involved, please reach out!

register and become a member of the Navy Supply Corps Association - Hawaii Chapter website. This will allow us to send you emails about upcoming events as well as allow you to make reservations with the detailer during the OP Roadshow.

Very Respectfully,

NSCF Hawaii Chapter Leadership Board

CAPT Peter Holdorf, CPF N4T

Vice President
LCDR Chris Smith, APCSS

LCDR Jason Crabb, SOCPAC

LT Kirsten Olson, CPF N4

Events Coordinator

LCDR Eric Richey, DLA TS Indo-Pacific

LT Betty Wu, CPF N4T

Retiree Representative 
Mr. Donald Tyer 

NSCF-Hawaii Mission


The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation, through private resources, “takes care of its own” by assisting, serving, informing, and inspiring the Supply Corps Community.

The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation exists to perpetuate the values, traditions, and history of the Supply Corps. The Foundation shall pursue its mission by providing services and programs relating to recruiting, training and development, recognition, financial support, camaraderie and commemoration to the Supply Corps Community.



     Cost:  $10
     Point of Contact: LT Kirsten Olson
?Interested in a position
!Reach out and let us know about any ways you are willing to get involved



Navy Supply Corps Foundation, Hawaii Chapter
P.O. Box 3003 Aiea, Hawaii 96701

News and Info

Aloha SUPP-Ohana,

First, we would like to thank everyone who has purchased gear from the NSCF - Hawaii Chapter SquadLocker. 10% of all proceeds go directly to the foundation and we have added tons of new gear!
Simply click on the link in the attached flyer or go to: https://teamlocker.squadlocker.com/...
August 09, 2022

Ready For Sea Gear Available
Ready for Sea - Inventory Sheet
T-shirt White - NSCS Newport (Adult L) 2  $   12.00  
T-shirt White - NSCS Newport (Adult S) 1  $   12.00  
T-shirt - Long Sleeve White - NSCS Newport (Adult S) 1  $   12.00  
T-shirt Blue - Pint Size Pork Chop (Youth XL) 4  $   10.00  
T-shirt Blue - Pint Size Pork Chop (Youth L) 2  $   10.00  
T-shirt Blue - Pint Size Pork Chop (Youth M) 2  $   10.00  
T-shirt Blue - Pint Size Pork Chop (Youth S) 1  $   10.00  
T-shirt Blue - Pint Size Pork Chop (Youth XS) 2  $   10.00  
T-shirt Blue - Ready for Sea (Youth XL) 1  $   10.00  
T-shirt Blue - Ready for Sea (Youth M) 1  $   10.00  
T-shirt Blue - Ready for Sea (Youth XS) 1  $   10.00  
Polo Blue - SC Logo (Adult XL) 2  $   20.00  
Polo Blue - SC Logo (Adult M) 1  $   20.00  
Polo White - SC Logo (Adult L) 1  $   20.00  
Bags Canvas Bags 4    
Ball Cap Navy Supply Corps - Regular 4  $   10.00  
Ball Cap Navy Supply Corps - Scrambled Eggs 4  $   10.00  
Ornaments Athens Christmas Ornaments 1  $   10.00  
Coin Navy Memorial coin - Year of Supply Corps 7  $     8.00  
Photo USNS Supply - picutre 1    
History Book Ready for Sea - History Book 48  $   25.00  
November 22, 2021

History of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps (Ready For Sea) Books available only $25
Ready for Sea- History Book for your coffee table are available with a limited supply. Please contact the NSCF-HC Chapter VP or the Events Coordinator for questions or to purchase.

Inventory: 48

NSCF-HC Vice President: Thomas Poe ( NSCF.HC.VP@GMAIL.COM )
NSCF-HC Events Coordinator: Michael Hockett ( NSCF.HC.EVENTS@GMAIL.COM )

November 22, 2021

Upcoming Events