Supply Corps Chapter of the Hawaii Region
                 An affiliate, chartered Chapter of the U.S.

                      Navy Supply Corps Foundation

Article One: Name and Location

The Chapter shall conduct its business and operations under the name, The Supply Corps Foundation, Hawaii Chapter. The chapter abbreviation will be NSCF-HC. The initial principal office of the Chapter shall be located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Article Two: Authority

The Chapter is granted identification as Supply Corps-related by the authority of the Chief of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps, and operates exclusively as a nonprofit organization as a chartered affiliate of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation. This affiliation defines the Chapter as a nonprofit organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Federal Tax Code, and gifts to the Chapter are tax deductible to donors under Section 170 of the Code. The Foundation and its associated Chapters are officially classified as private, unofficial organizations (i.e., non-federal entities).

Article Three: Purpose

The Chapter exists to engage its members in professional development, community involvement, charitable endeavors, and social interaction. In doing so, the Chapter strives to promote "esprit de corps" and camaraderie among and between Supply Corps professionals within the Hawaii Region.

                                                                  Article Four: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Chapter is defined as January 1 through December 31.

Article Five: Membership

All Supply Corps officers, current, retired, reserve, or othe1Nise honorably discharged, of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps, either on station or otherwise residing within the defined scope of operations of the Hawaii Supply Corps Chapter are by definition members of the Chapter. All communications should be conducted by means of email or through the use of the Foundation website email function.

Article Six: Governance

The Chapter is governed by a board of directors elected by the membership. The president Inay not be assigned because of his or her position. Commanding Officers of NAVSUP activities that hold contracting authority and COMPACFLT N4 Deputies shall not be eligible to serve as Chapter presidents. The results of the election shall be reported promptly to the Foundation. A copy of the Chapter bylaws shall be signed by the new president and submitted to the Foundation. The board of directors shall exercise the powers of the Chapter including the control of Chapter property and approval of the standards under which the affairs of the Chapter will be conducted. The board of directors will arrange the election of each board. The officers of the board will serve for a period of one-year subject to election or reelection by the chapter membership. If feasible, announcement of a newly elected board will take place at the annual meeting of the chapter. The officers of the board will serve typically from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. For purposes of conducting the business of the Chapter a simple majority of seated board members shall constitute a quorum. The board' of directors reserves the right to name from time to time nonvoting "honorary directors," which may include the Chief of the Navy Supply Corps and the Chair of the Board of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation.

Article Seven: Officers

The Chapter shall have a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, and other officers deemed necessary by the board.

The president shall preside over all meetings of the board of directors and meetings of the Chapter membership. One of the most important responsibilities of the Chapter President is to properly manage financial operations of the chapter to optimize mission accomplishment while minimizing financial risk and the personal risk to volunteers working on behalf of the Chapter and the Foundation. To that end, the following general prudential rules are recommended as learned from years of experience:

       l. The president must manage chapter events, expenses and revenues (proceeds and contributions) to reduce financial risk while meeting chapter         
          financial goals, including planned contributions to the national foundation.
  1. The president shall be responsible for strict compliance with ethics regulations, and is encouraged to use the vice president to aid in this effort.
  2. As a general rule, chapter events should be self-sustaining financially.
  3. Chapter retired community representatives familiar with foundation rules and processes should accomplish all sponsorships and contributions to the chapter and its sponsored events on behalf of any company or individual who performs or seeks to perform on government contracts. Active duty personnel, civilian and military, shall be "fire-walled" from receiving funds directly from colporate sponsors who do business with the government. Solicitation of event prizes and sponsorship from restaurants, golf courses, or retail activities who do not do business with the government will generally be acceptable by active duty personnel, but good judgment always applies.
  4. If funds are raised for a particular purpose (example: NSCF Memorial Scholarship Fund) then the Chapter should ensure those funds are proactively managed and forwarded to the national foundation for that purpose.
The vice president shall preside at meetings in the absence of the president, and otherwise assist the president as required.

The secretary is responsible for the preparation, publishing, and distribution of all meeting agendas, and for the preparation and distribution of the minutes of all board meetings. The secretary shall also serve as the oversight person for Chapter compliance with its adopted bylaws.

The treasurer shall receive, deposit, invest, and distribute funds realized for the specified purposes of the Chapter. The treasurer shall also prepare and keep an accurate accounting of all financial transactions, and shall prepare reports as required on such transactions for review and approval of the Chapter board and the Foundation Board upon request.

If assigned:

The public affairs officer shall be responsible for the Chapter communications, marketing, advertisement of events, and will serve as the webmaster responsible for maintenance of the Chapter webpage content.

The events coordinator shall be responsible for the oversight and coordination of the Chapter's fundraising activities to provide guidance in proper execution and generating optimal profits.

The professional development coordinator shall be responsible for the long-range planning and execution of the distinguished speaker engagements for the Chapter for professional growth and development of the Supply Corps officers.

The volunteer coordinator shall be responsible for seeking, unhanging, and coordinating community outreach opportunities.

The membership officer shall be responsible for the oversight of Chapter membership by providing the most accurate membership information to the board, reaching out to new members in the area with Chapter brochures, and actively encouraging membership participation at Chapter events.

Article Eight: Meetings

The board of directors shall meet at least monthly. When meeting in person is untenable, the board shall meet virtually, via either video conference, telephone conference, or over email. The Chapter membership shall meet at least quarterly with one meeting designated as the "annual meeting" for the purpose of electing board members, disclosing and reviewing the financial activities of the Chapter, and the announcement of any plans or goals for the ensuing fiscal year. Special meetings may be called by the president or any three members of the board. If active duty members are involved,  meetings should fry to be conducted after working hours or on weekends as much as possible.

Article Nine: Committees

The president of the Chapter shall appoint ahead of the annual meeting a nominating committee and charge it with proposing persons to fill vacant board positions and to nominate officers of the Chapter for the ensuing year. The board of directors may also create additional standing and ad hoc committees as deemed necessary to fulfill the programmatic goals of the Chapter.

Article Ten: Bylaws Amendment

These articles maybe amended by two-thirds supporting vote by members of the board of directors at any regular or special meeting called by the board of directors. Proposed amendments must be made known to the directors at least 30 days prior to related board action. Amended Bylaws must be submitted to the Foundation for approval and filing.

Article Eleven: Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of The Supply Corps Foundation, Hawaii Chapter, the remaining assets of the Chapter shall be transferred to the U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation. Such determination shall be made by a quorum of directors at the time of dissolution.

Ratification: We the undersigned hereby certify that these bylaws of The Supply COIPS Foundation, Hawaii Chapter were adopted on June 04, 2021 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii at which a quorum of the Chapter board of directors was present and voting.



Jason Adams