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Konnichiwa from the Navy Supply Corps Foundation (NSCF) Japan Chapter! As a subsidiary of the NSCF, the Japan Chapter is a non-profit, professional and social organization whose purpose is to engage members in professional development, community involvement, charitable endeavors, and social interaction to further the traditions and values of the Supply Corps heritage. In so doing, the Chapter strives to promote "espirit de corps" and camaraderie among Supply Corps professionals throughout Japan.

In addition to our annual major events such as the Supply Corps Birthday Ball and Golf Tournaments, we usually have an event every month. These include Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Spring Festival, Yokosuka Friendship Day, Waterfront Socials, Mt. Fuji hike, or even a professional lecture. So, if you have ever “worn the oakleaf” and find yourself in Japan, I encourage you to check out the next upcoming event and get involved with the NSCF. It is a great way to have fun, network, and support worthy causes.

I look forward to seeing you all in the coming months at our events and gatherings!

Please register and become a member of the Navy Supply Corps Association - Japan Chapter website. This will allow us to send you emails about upcoming events as well as allow you to make reservations with the detailer during the OP Roadshow.

Very Respectfully,

NSCF Japan Chapter Leadership Board

CDR Jonathan Markrich

Vice President
LCDR Kevin Peters

LTJG Joshua Lowery

LTJG Kevin Cochran

Events Coordinator and Public Affairs Officer
LTJG Jian Gao

Training Coordinator

Name Position Command E-mail
LCDR Tran Primary CVN 76 long.tran@cvn76.navy.mil
LT Dulnuan Primary CG 67 celestino.dulnuan@cg67.navy.mil
LT Anderson Primary CG 62 tiara.anderson@cg62.navy.mil
LT Arita Primary CG 54 oscar.arita@cg54.navy.mi
LT Lachgar Primary DDG 52 safouane.lachgar@ddg52.navy.mil
LT Rentz Primary DDG 65 connor.rentz@ddg65.navy.mil
LT Guam Primary LCC 19 victor.guan@lcc19.navy.mil
LT Kaiser Primary DDG 69 charles.kaiser@ddg69.navy.mil
LT Sochanchak Primary DDG 115 jeffery.sochanchak@ddg115.navy.mil
LT Bolton Primary DDG 105 david.bolton@ddg105.navy.mil
LT Zheng Primary DDG 76 daiqu.zheng@ddg76.navy.mil
LT Smith Primary DDG 114 tyler.smith@ddg114.navy.mil
LT Citron Primary DDG 83 Citronbr@ddg83.navy.mil
LT Burch Primary NAVSUP FLCY william.burch@fe.navy.mil
LCDR Winston Primary C7F Winston.lamb@c7f.tsp.navy.mil
LT Kandt Primary CCSG-5 lauren.kandt@ctf70.navy.mil
LCDR Lin Primary CNSGWP lin.taishan@fe.navy.mil
LCDR Diop Primary ATGWP aida.diop@fe.navy.mil
CWO3 Primary CFAY christopher.hohwart@fe.navy.mil
LT Brickman Primary CNRJ jordan.brickman@fe.navy.mil
LT Jones Primary COMSUBGRU-7 bryan.jones@fe.navy.mil
LTJG Cochran Primary  DLA kevin.cochran@dla.mil


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Upcoming Events

Quarterly Breakfast

Sunday Jan 23, 2022

FDNF Professional Development Series - RADM Noble

Friday Feb 18, 2022

Navy Supply Corps Birthday Ball

Saturday Feb 26, 2022

(T) Naval Base Yokosuka Spring Festival

Saturday Mar 19, 2022