Welcome to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, Monterey Peninsula (SCFMP) website.

This website is the home on the web for all current and former Supply Corps Officers serving in the Monterey Peninsula area.

The Supply Corps Foundation Monterey Peninsula Chapter is a network of Supply Corps officers dedicated to, increasing professional development, developing camaraderie, community service, family involvement, and fund raising to support the Navy Supply Corps Foundation scholarship programs.     
All Supply Corps Associations are included within the National Supply Corps Foundation website. This website is the home for all information related to SCFMP.   
First!  Please register and become a member of the SCFMP website.  This will allow us to send you emails about upcoming events.  Remember to choose the Monterey Peninsula Chapter as your home Chapter.  When you rotate to different duty stations your membership will follow you. Link To Sign-Up Here! 
Sign Up Notice
For those experiencing sign-up issues for your SCFMP account, the following applies.  Users have experienced errors stating that the USERNAME already exists.  You may have already created an account.  Please send an email to scfweb@usnscf.com and ask for assistance.  Be sure to include your full name.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact the webmaster, LT Rocky Rodriguez, Montereyweb@usnscf.com.
Monterey Peninsula Chapter Officers
LCDR Britta Christianson, SC, USN
LT Varsha Styer, SC, USN

LCDR Kate Damore, SC, USN
LT Krista Alonso, SC, USN
LT Adam Hilliard, SC, USN

Webmaster/Membership Coordinator 
LT Rocky Rodriguez, SC, USN

Fundraising Chair
LCDR Matt Lorge, SC, USN

Supply Corps Birthday Celebration Coordinator
LCDR Lisa Chen, SC, USN

Spouse Coordinators
Mrs. Emily Rodriguez
Mrs. Susan Babcock

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News and Info

Upcoming Events

223rd Supply Corps Birthday Celebration (Fri March 2, 2018)

Friday Mar 02, 2018

OP Roadshow (Mon 12 - Tue 13, March 2018)

Monday Mar 12, 2018