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NSCF-Philadelphia President Turnover
NSCF-Philadelphia President Turnover
During his tenure as President of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation-Philadelphia Chapter, CDR Jay McFarland demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to the community. He strengthened the chapter's sense of purpose and unity through numerous events and initiatives. He restored face-to-face engagements, promoted social interactions that fostered camaraderie, and emphasized community involvment. He played a pivotal role in hosting the 227th Navy Supply Corps Birthday Ball at the Philadelphia Union League—a resounding success.

In addition to these events, CDR McFarland spearheaded community outreach programs that benefited wounded warriors, local youth, and prioritized public relations. The 2022 Philly “Ruff Ride”, Travis Manion Foundation, CAPT John Titus 9/11 Hero's Run, Army-Navy Tailgate, and Earth Day Cleanup are some examples of the impactful initiatives. Through his vision and dedication, the Philadelphia Chapter achieved milestones as a prominent community leader. As CDR McFarland turns over the reins to CDR(s) Christopher Norman, the chapter is grateful for his outstanding service and leadership. 

CDR(s) Chris Norman is an accomplished Operations Research Analyst and Petroleum Management Officer with 19 years of active duty and represents a 4th generation of United States Naval Service. He has earned recognition for his outstanding work, including multiple awards for his expertise in Operations Research and Petroleum Management. CDR(s) Norman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role of Chapter President. He currently serves as the sole Operations Research Analyst at NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Chapter takes pride in CDR McFarland's accomplishments and is simultanously thrilled to welcome CDR(s) Norman as the new President!