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    CupCake Cake Presentation       
    CupCake Cake Cutting 
-LTJG LaVert on the left pulls the first Cupcake as he represents the most Junior      Camel Chop receiving the knowledge and tradition from his mentors.
-CDR Dillon, Commander of DLA Distribution South West Asia and NSCF SWA Chapter President pulls from the center representing the bedrock of our Supply Corps Foundation Chapter
-Captain Smith, COMUSNAVCENT N4. pulls from the far left, representing the most Senior Camel Chop and passes down his knowledge, guidance, and vast years of expeirence to all the Camel Chops within the Chapter

NSA Bahrain FLC Courtyard - Manama, Bahrain


Naval Supply Corps Foundation Southwest Asia Chapters Camel Chops of NSA Bahrain pose for a celebratory photo in front of NAVSUP FLC Bahrain entry courtyard in celebration of the Navy's greatest accomplishment, the birth of the Supply Corp, 226 years of superior logistics excellence. BIG SUPPLY!!!!

Naval Supply Corps Foundation Southwest Asia Chapter Earth Day: Cleaning up trash from around the 'Tree of Life', making the Earth happy, and looking good doing it!! 

Navsup and Navcent Supply representing for the Camel Chops, out there picking up trash and preserving the environement. Happy Earth Day!!!

Camel Chops sporting their new Supply Swag T-Shirts while maintianing relations and cleaning up the environment

 The Supply Corp Camel Chops out there making Captain Planet Happy, and looking good doing it. Hooyah Supply!!

Earth Day 2021, Finding a way to yes!! Big Supply!!

Face Masks and Fist Bumps, non-stop motivation and dedication taking care of our Planet. Hooyah Supply!

Action Shots

Chapter President CDR Dillon doing interpretive dance to motivate the volunteers during the Earth Day Tree of Life Trash pick up. 

Motivated Camel Chops Picking up Trash

Heeerrrrereeesss CINDY!!!

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

NAVSUP and NAVCENT teaming up to combat the misplacement of trash and working to keep the Tree of Life beautiful.

Leading from the front

CDR Dillon loading up on trash and making a decent Zen garden.

Drew and Tom reminiscing the days work and how rewarding a task it was to clean up Mother Earth. Happy Earth Day!!

Naval Supply Corps Foundation Southwest Asia Chapter Camel Chops post clean up group picture

The Southwest Asian Chapter Camel Chops pose for a group picture after spending the day celebrating the Earth by cleaning up a historic and traditional wonder of Bahrain, 'The Tree of Life'. HOOYAH SUPPLY CORPS!!! BIG SUPPLY!!!

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February 24, 2014

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